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How to get high Level and high Points in Yahoo Answers

Sw Eden do not think that you should try to hack it. You must go higher by your own click.

1st!! try to get the Best Answers as much as you can.
– You may tell your friends who have Yahoo account to help you vote your answers to be the best answer, and you will help him vote, too!
– You can login with your another yahoo account, and vote your own answer.
– You need to notice the icon of the asker. Most people who have no icon, will not select the best answer by themselves. So! the best answers will be selected by the vote.

2nd!! if you guys go to level 2 already, you can give thumbs-up to your friends’ answer (or give to Sw Eden :)), and let them give you back

3rd!! Do not forget to login everyday!! at least you can get one point!

Right now!! you will see your points grow up very fast.
Please do not try to hack, it is illegal. Sw Eden hates illegal stuff. And look at below, it is Sw Eden’s yahoo answers icon. Sw Eden drew Tusk Zi:Kill as Sex Symbol.

Sw Eden drawing named “Sex Symbol – Visual Kei” on Flickr
Tusk Zi:Kill is so awesome.


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