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How to Remember Dreams

How to Remember Dreams :

There is a minute that you dream can pop-up in your head again. You have to lay down the same way as you wake up. You will feel about your dream, but not perfectly 100%. Sw Eden actually dream everyday. Sometimes, I knew that I was in the dream, and I can control it.

The way to control the dream is, “concentration” in Buddhism way. Do it until you sleep. It is very wonderful when you start to walk into the dream!!!

Ratajit will be the author for this website soon, and also will release the book soon. All Ratajit book is what Ratajit dream. It is so interesting.

This is Sil or Hide_Chan or Selia-Sama on Deviantart. This scene is one of my real dreams. Day Dream and Night Dream. Right now our imeems were gone. She actually plays guitar. Her Myspace music is PsionicaOfficial. Psionica is an Russian band. They like J-Rock a lot.


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