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Buddhist Statue is not Satanic

This letter was wrote for a boy (an old friend in classroom) who blame Buddism that it is a part of Satan.

The Bible said Satan tried to deceive people to worship the statues, because He did not want people to worship God. Some Christian or Catholic think that Buddhism is Satanic, because people worship the statues. In fact, the first statue of Buddha was made by the soldier of Alexander the Great, when he and his army went to India. They made wrong hair-cut, too. They made that hair-style from the Hindi priest. Buddha cut his hair off, when He made a determine to ordain.

Anyway, Buddhism is reasonable religion. The pure of it, is not statue or miracle. Nowadays, people try to use the religion for their business, so the image of it has got changed.

To be a Buddhist, you do not have to read those books of Tripitaka. Only, you are nice people; give other people without advantage; be conscious and calm and then you will solve the problem very well. Buddhists can believe in other religions, too, if those religions teach people to be nice. The goal of Buddhism is to go out from the circle of sorrow. If people still need to be rich, or need to get this – get those, and if they cannot get higher, they will be sad.

For this page, I will stop writing, because it will be too long. Just know, the pure circle Buddhism does not need statue. Not materialism and not personalize. (just – Do charity to anyone, no specific)

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