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Nicolas Cage : City of Angels and Bangkok Dangerous

If you can remember Nicolas Cage movies, City of Angels (1998) and Bangkok Dangerous (2008), that is perfectly 10 years in between. In Thai language, people call Bangkok, ‘Krung-Thep’ which actually means ‘City of Angels’. This seems like Nicolas Cage tend to love Thailand so much.

Nicolas Cage : Bangkok Dangerous 2008

Thailand seems like the United States mixing with Mexico. People come to invest for big businesses, big companies and come to get job. There are many illegal workers from Myanmar and Cambodia, as well as the United States has the Mexican. Although they earn lower salary than Thai people, but it is still higher than they can get from in their country. Sw Eden has seen many female aliens work as babysitter and housewife, and male aliens are construction worker. Thailand also seems like Mexico which it has mafia in the same way, but it is not the same as Japanese Yakusa. Many times that police cannot help nice people although they want to. For example, the guy can choose between getting paid or getting shot. If you are hurt by mafia or some hooligan, what you should call or contact mass media, such as Thai TV Broadcast, Radio and Newspaper. When many people around the country know what happens, the hooligan will not dare to stop the police’s work.

From the City of Angels have been turned to be Bangkok Dangerous by Thai people themselves, especially now. The Red Shirt are empowered not to fear the police, and the police cannot stop them either. Many hooligans became the Red Shirt for this reason. If you heard of the news in Thailand, many cars’ mirrors were broken, public areas were bombs and nice people got hit even she was a woman. Bangkokers are now cheering the soldier to stop the Red Shirt completely. This is a kind of trap that the Red Shirt make for the Abhisit Democrat government. They try to tell the foreigner that Abhisit is a dictator with military base to force the country. If you are in his position, you will do just like what he does. Abhisit has to protect Thai people from Dangerous, and turn Bangkok to be City of Angels again.

If you think that Abhisit is communist or dictator, you are wrong. What he is doing is to prevent Thailand from being communist. Although in December, 2008, he was not from the election, but the previous governments did many unclean things to get to votes.

When Sw says Angels, it does not mean the messengers, but it means all people are nice. Thai children are taught that Thai original tradition is really nice. Everyone are kind. Those places are exist in the far far always town. I want the Red Shirt to go back to their places. I believe that they can find a lot of happiness rather than earning bucks to destroy others’ happiness.

I love you, Bangkok, my City of Angels.

Nicolas Cage : City of Angels 1998

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