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Problem of Thai students’ choice of undergraduate field of study

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Problem of Thai students’ choice of undergraduate field of study

I was born in Thailand in 1987. I had studied in Thai school more than 10 years, including my elementary, primary, middle, and high school. I went to a Thai university for a half year before moving to New York. Later, in 2012, I finished my master degree and became a university lecturer in Thailand and also a doctoral student in both Thailand and Ohio.

The problem that I have found since I was young is that the “disproportion” regarding the number of students, their skills, the number of choices in undergraduate programs, and the number of choices in the real-world career.

First, many parents want their children to study in healthcare related programs, such as medicine, pharmacy, nurse, and also veterinary. With my experience, these people do not expect that their children would help others, but these parents expect their children’s high income and quality of life.

field of study teachers batman and students batman
Figure 1: Field of Study

Generally, there are 3 types of high school in Thailand. During the primary school and middle school, almost all of the students in Thailand learn the same thing set by the government. However, in high school, they are separated to be 3 different programs, which are (1) science and math school, (2) art and language school, and (3) art and math school. Many students have to go to tutor school during the weekend and try many way to get into the first choice, science and math school. This is because it is the gate to get into the healthcare-related career, and also other careers that they could make a lot of money, like, architect and engineer.

For other two choices, the art-related high school programs, students in these two programs could have a ton of choices in their future, but they seem not to be proud of being in these two programs.

This phenomenon causes a too-high number of people studying math-science-and-healthcare-related programs, but finally, many of them have to work in art-and-social-sciences-related careers. In other words, if too many people graduated from such the program, there will not be enough spaces for them in the workplaces.

In my opinion, Thai parents should encourage their children not just to earn the large amount of money, but to devote themselves for the society. There are many jobs that we could balance both at the same time. For instance, I could produce a prosocial film for the audiences to learn from it.


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Give me a good reason to leave my job, please.

S.W. Eden

Cite this journal as: Eden, S. W. (2018). Give me a good reason to leave my job, please. Retrieved from http://sw-eden.net

I just found myself become more selfish than the last 6 years. I was a Thai students who graduated in New York and finish a Master degree at Sydney. I went back to Thailand 6 years ago, and became a lecturer in a large university in Thailand. My goal was to provide the knowledge to my students and to have some free time to write my own novel.

The first year of being a university lecturer in Thailand is like a heaven. I got some free time to write the beginning part of my own novel. I got a chance to bring my students to go outside the classroom. I let them take the photos in the important places in Bangkok, and sometimes, I asked them to draw Thai temples.

The first year passed so fast. Everything changed in the secend year. I have to teach 7 days a week. I got no free time. I have to travel to another far-away campus to give a class. They also forced people to continue study in the doctoral degree. I have to go to school again, but in Thailand. I registered for 2 classes in one semester, but I had to teach 30 hours a week.

dog student work alone leave home

I had no more time to prepare my teaching at that moment. I did not correct and provide the suggesting in my students’ worksheet as I had done before. I felt really bad. My graduate school is about 3-hour far from my workplace. I had to run around 3 places each week. They said that if the employees did not continue the education, they would fire us so soon.

While I work so hard and had lack of free time, I compare myself to someone else in the same school. Like, one of my close friend, he has a lot of free time. He asked me to go to see movie with him, and to join his lunch and dinner. I think it is a good thing. He is a friendly one, but I got no time to do all those things. Not just only him, who can do many stuffs. Some also work outside the school. They have secret jobs in other private companies and earn a lot of money.

Moreover, these people got a higher evaluation score than me. Many got a higher salary than me. I began to feel that the life is unfair. I could see that my attitude is changed. I want to do thing for myself more than before. My dream has not been completed yet. I spent too much time for the university, without getting things I actually need. Those people in the higher position keep saying that this university is the university of happiness. However, for me, it is not. My happiness is when I got enough time for my family and for writing my own novel. I do not have both yet. Although I have dinner with my family, but In think I should have spent more day time with them, not just at night.

Those people think that to have a happiness is to work hard to push the university to be in the highest place in the world. They want to see the university being one of the top ten of the country. They believe that if we got into that ranking, everyone will be proud and happy. That is the definition of the happiness they believe. That is not the happiness I need. I need my time. I need to be someone I have dreamed to be. I want to be a cool author who write a famous novel. I want to be a cool artist being known in a specific group of people. My dream does not got walked yet. What should I do then?

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Sample Cover Letter

**if you are looking for Sample of Resume, just click on the “PROFILE” at the header of this website

Sw Eden

369 36 Street, 6 Ave, Bronx Wood Heaven, NY 30353, USA
216-319-2471, sw_eden@myspace.com
August 27, 2010

Mr. Larger Verylarge
Co-creator of Happy 3 Fiends
66 Horror Street
American’s Suiteheart
Brooklyn, NY 14107

Dear Mr. Verylarge:

Your advertisement and its description for an animator, appearing August 13 via “NYCseeYa” a chapter of Happy 3 Fiends animation, parallels my interests and qualifications perfectly.

© All rights reserved : Sw Eden
This letter is sample only. You can study it for your homework or real-time letter; but you cannot copy directly from this page.

With my background of art and design, I am confident that I could make a successful studio assistant. While I do not have any graphic design degree, I do have a lot of artwork produced by graphic design program and animation program, as seen in my public work on my Flickr and Youtube accounts, included many Macromedia Flash drawings/videos, Illustrator drawings and 3ds renderings/videos. My non-profit entertainment project is also relevant to the project of Happy 3 Fiends, that is, “216 Ways to Kill Cats”. I have gained a big number of teenage audiences which is more than 30,000 page views.

You can follow these URLs to preview my work in the same style as Happy 3 Fiends:


To kill something cute in the movie is a very good idea of your company which I need to follow. Happy 3 Fiends has been one of my most favorite websites and products since it was established in 1987. I have been performed as your good fan since then, as I can draw all characters of Happy 3 Fiends animation without looking at your original drawings. Moreover, my mouse-controlling skill on Macromedia Flash suits your needs for studio assistance, that is I can draw directly on the computer and no need to have a pencil sketch.

My resume is attached, and you can know more about my experience. Lastly, I would like to say, thank you for your valuable time of consideration. I look forward to speaking with you, so you can reach me anytime by my cell phone, I-2I6-EI9-247I. I would appreciate to have an opportunity to talk with you to see how my qualification and my experience could be the greatest benefit to your company.

Sw Eden

Sw Eden 216 Ways to Kill Cat
216 Ways to Kill Cat : Set on Flickr
216 Ways to Kill Cat : on Myspace


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Sample Job Rejection Letter (Bad News)

SW EDEN Art Magazine
267/1 Apartment Street
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel : 662-423-2320
Web : http://sw-eden.net —This is letterhead

May 2, 2010

Ms. Jamie Palazzo
317 Green Parkway
Crown Heights
Brooklyn, NY 11280

This letter is sample only. You can study it for your homework or real-time letter; but you cannot copy directly from this page. ©2009 Sw Eden

Dear Ms. Palazzo:

We have a hard time to select one person among many candidates to apply for Magazine Editor. We do enjoy reading all papers and talking during the interview. We found many writers have a very good paper, especially you. After a careful consideration, I regret to inform you that we have selected another candidate who suit in our needs.

We have read your resume, your paper and other attachments. We dare to say that, it is hard to find a good-skill writer as you. The paper you submitted is very complex with many high-diction words. I really appreciate it. However, I would like you to keep your own style to produce more good papers as you have done in your book. On the other hand, our company requires a simple style for everyone to understand. A good option for you to practice your writing skill to meet our needs is reading our official blog at http://sw -eden.net.

Lastly, thank you so much for your interest in our company. We always have new projects to increase the number of branches, and the upcoming branch will open officially for candidates to enroll in next two months. Right then, you can choose various positions, so it should not be serious as the past contest, which opened for only one position. This will be a good chance for you to submit your resume and enjoy our meeting again. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Sw Eden Art Personnel Manager


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