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New Year Lyrics King Rama 9 – Sw Eden translated

This song was composed by our beloved Thai King.
Today is New Year Day.
I want to share this great song and great lyrics to my friends from other countries.
Then I translated this song to be English.
Although my English is not that great, but I use the words that are really exact the original meaning.

สวัสดีวันปีใหม่-พา ให้บรรดาเราท่านรื่นรมย์
Happy New Year then, we hope you merry
ฤกษ์ยามดีเปรมปรีดิ์ชื่นชม ต่างสุขสม นิยมยินดี
The auspicious occasion, joy and refreshing; all people are jointly happy
ข้าวิงวอนขอพรจากฟ้า ให้บรรดาปวงท่านสุขศรี
I implore for the blessing from the sky; I need all you rejoicing
โปรดประทานพรโดยปราณี ให้ชาวไทยล้วนมีโชคชัย
Please bless us kindly; bless all Thai people to have the triumph
ให้บรรดาปวงท่านสุขสันต์ทุกวัน ทุกคืน ชื่นชมให้สมฤทัย
Bless you guys to enjoy every day and every night; and glad that you get what you need
ให้รุ่งเรืองในวันปีใหม่ ผองชาวไทยจงสวัสดี
Bless for your dawn in New Year day; all Thai people must prosper
ตลอดปีจงมีสุขใจ ตลอดไปนับแต่บัดนี้
For whole year, bless you to be delightful; from now on till forever
ให้สิ้นทุกข์สุขเกษม เปรมปรีดิ์
Bless you to have no sickness; but have blissfulness, healthy and wealthy
Prosper the New Year Day


Lastly, I want to tell you something.
You know, “Sa-wad-dee” is the greeting word in Thailand.
The real meaning of “Sa-wad-dee” is “prosper”.


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We love Thai King

Today is December 5th
That is the most important day of all Thai
@ My friend called me from Thailand
And told me all things Thai people planned.
This is the time of glory. Celebration of the glory.
All last December 5ths until eternity.
@ I can remember very well, how the poor loved the king.
They went to palace with yellow shirt and did sing.
Last 10 years, they seem to love to king more than the educated.
They always went to have an audience of the king.
@ Things have changed for me.
All acts are for money.
Tuksin Shinnawat has paid for the government.
The educated have stood up to defend.
@ They wear yellow.
Their effort has never been slow.
They do for their love.
The government paid the poor to disturb.
@ All poor wear red.
Hit yellow people just to be fed.
Our king does regret
Red kill Yellow wherever they met.
@ The king is as the father of Thailand.
He does as good as he can.
He spoke for the peace.
Any side is right, he gives the same treat.
@ Bad sons or good sons, they are sons.
If we were dead, that was not what we won.
To the red, you hurt our king for money.
To the yellow, you fight for us for free.
@ Only one rebel who exists.
He hates all nationalist.
He has done everything to destroy his hometown.
He pushes Thailand down.
@ He wants to be the king instead.
Whole world, he wants to lead.
He has never realized the reality.
Everything, everyone does for him, is for money.
@ Once, if he has no fund.
Everyone will kick him down and hunt.
He does not believe in that day.
He stole too much country’s treasure, and who will pay?

©2008 ~sw-eden
Author’s Comments

Although I looks like Chinese, but my heart is Thai.
Tuksin is not the indicator for Thai people who looks like Chinese.



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