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Quruli くるり


I looked for this band for half year, after I knew their music video from Japanese airplane. It is art without any violence. And they did same kind of my stuff. I like them. I searched for, “Kururi”, and I could not find any. That was wrong word. Till I had no attempt to search.

I looked for Ken Zi:Kill solo stuff in Victor Entertainment or Speedstar Records. I could not find Ken, but I saw Quruli. Oh! man, Thank Ken. Right now, I can find their information so easy in search engine. This company has cool stuff. haha

I got a Nikki CD/DVD from a small music store near my place. Such a cozy one. Such a cozy album. I enjoy watching their music video. Put music into mp3 player. Listen in subway. Do not have to think that much. Easy simple music through my hear. Easy track go through New York City. Easy smile with sincerity. That’s right.

The classes in the store. A little bit lower grade than Zi:Kill, but better than plenty of wellknown artist in that full shelf. I had done that. Their music video. We had been same kind of people. I think I got changed once, after coming to New York City. I saw the past of myself in Quruli stuff. How don’t I love them? Ken Zi:Kill and all those Alternative Punk Rock. Quruli. You make me smile at once when I am in the dark part of my life. I became Satanic when I had been in New York City. Nice, but I feel “Not Fair!”. That is Satanic. I do not want to be with it anymore. And I know, I know it’s not your time but bye, bye.

I dream to the day without any task. I walk in the endless park. Let the music change the nature in every second, and nature becomes artwork as it has never been before. During this temporary happiness. I miss you, Thailand.

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