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Mahidol Wittayanusorn Science School Library Burning

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Come again with a Red-Shirt-like issue in Thailand, an 11th grader burned the library of Mahidol Wittayanusorn (โรงเรียนมหิดลวิทยานุสรณ์) Library school, the first and the only science school in our country. As my heart and my soul were from there, I do care what others look at us, its kids. Many Americans has wrong attitude through the Red Shirt and the Thai Monarchy, because of some reports. They blames Thai people who know the truth as the stupid. This situation is the same as MWIT library. The radio said that the grade 11 kid could not bare the school system with crazy-hard-science lessons and the dormitory life. Some outsiders also says the same things. They listen to only one kid’s voice, but they have never heard of all other kids.

โรงเรียนมหิดลวิทยานุสรณ์ และอาคารห้องสมุดขณะสร้าง ซึ่งปัจจุบันถูกนักเรียนขึ้นมัธยม 5 เผาไปแล้ว School and our kids’ memory
View More Photo of MWIT School on Sw Eden’s Flickr

Both Sw Eden and a good friend who also writes on this site have the high school degree from Mahidol Wittayanusorn, and we did have a lot of fun in the school. I was one of the most well-known students of the year, and my good friend was one of the high-grade students of the year. All students who make the decision to be in this school must know their future responsibilities. Our original director or headmaster, Thongchai Chewprecha (ธงชัย ชิวปรีชา) fought to have this school to increase the scientist to develop the country of Thailand. One of the older-year did cry when she heard his great ideology. She wanted to get out, because she could not trust herself that she would do this big thing. She did care about the hope and the money which all Thai people gave to her. Finally, she could succeed her degree, and this is the ideal student’s thought of our school. All the students who come for this school will not only want to take the scholarship, but they need to be ready to study and to serve the country. If they cannot have this lives, they must not just register for the school entrance examinations.

The radio said that this grade 11 student needed to have one more weeks for his vacation with the family. In fact, he could have a week without any destruction. Some friends in my year could come the school one week late, and no one blamed them. This grade 11 student also mentioned that he studied too hard and was stressful. That might be true, but other students would have many better solutions.

The original library with many worth books. This photos also win the special price award in Reading Emotion Contest with TK Park Multimedia Library.
View More Photo of MWIT School on Sw Eden’s Flickr

MWIT school system is the college-like school with the freedom of students, and the friendly professors. No professors hit or abuse the students. All students can have unlimited projects for all kinds of creativity, art and science, which school pays for all tools, time, places and instructors. The school also have the organization visits every month, till sometimes every week. The students were required to go to just some of them, but these are really good opportunities, so I went to all of them. Not only the outside visits we travel to, the school also invites many excellent scientists and all kinds of inventors for its students. The same thing, I did have the lecture from most of them. I was not a high-grade student, although I had had very high grade from my previous school. I am sure that the grade of the student who burnt the library is lower than mine, and I am sure that how homesick I was is greater than how homesick he is. MWIT has made the students stronger, and we are strong enough to be in everywhere of the world.

The government which means the country pays one million bahts to look for each right student for this school. They pays for all tuitions, all tutorials, all foods, all dormitory supplies and all diary service. Thai Princess, Sirinthorn said that this is the school of Her Grandfather. Mahidol is the name of the father of Medical Profession and Science of Thailand. I do not have to explain how important this school is. Although some outsiders do not understand the fact of the school and the student lives, they would know that many people are crying for this terrible accident. Sorry for all the alumni, for our beloved director, for our time, for our hope, for our fame and for our country. Sw just let you know, that a famous person of one place does not have to represent that place.

Library is not only the building that the many governments put the money into it, it is also unlimited actual books and online books. I did donated many books for it, and I know that I was not the only one. I am thinking of many friends who always spend their time in here. They were not that crazy bookworms. They read around the traveling books and novels. Right now, it is the memorial or our pride, and we are waiting for the upcoming things, our new library. Sw would like to repeat the favorite quote from a Greenday song, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Oh Yeah! one of our MWIT friend. She is now graduated at Mahidol University.
View More Photo of MWIT School on Sw Eden’s Flickr

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Beinecke Library at Yale

View All Photos of Beinecke Library

“Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library” is the full name of Beinecke Library.

Sw Eden, me, visited Beinecke Library at Yale about 2-3 times, and this sounds not that much for those Yale people. I am in New York City, and without a car. Sw had to take the railroad to get to there. Firstly, if you are in the same place as me, just go to Grand Central, and buy a ticket to go to New Heaven. It is about 2 hours in the train, so you can have a lot of fun to write and to read the stuff.

The one who love this architecture so much is my professor, William Martin. He suggested to to went there. First time, I could not get to the place, because Beinecke Library is hidden behind the original library (which is wonderful with ancient style of architecture). I could find it in my second visiting. So! if you plan to go there, just Google Map now! As an architecture student, I could not to let this opportunity go, and it is the reason of the second visit. Structure is 4-pin-joint supports at 4 corners of base, to support all facade. And in the middle core, is supported by the small columns inside.

William Martin, the first guy on the left

The most interesting thing for me is the translucent facade, and all the concrete panels as frames. I went to a class at Silpakorn University, Thailand in the time that I didn’t take any credit there, and I heard a Thai professor talked about this architecture. He said that the foundation of the drop-down part in front of the library was made by sand, so whole architecture will be protected from earthquake. I have never heard on any other places, but it sounds so cool.

To play solid and void for whole building and the ground in the front of it.

“Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library” is the full name of Beinecke Library. Gordon Bunshaft who is the architect for this cool building play about floating. Because it is for rare books, so it have to be over protecting. Inside the fantastic marble box, it has a glass box with many books, which keep the unique temperature and moisture of the air. When we walk outdoor, we will not be able to see the entrance under there. Sw feels like the building floating out from the ground, and the glass box floating between the whole marble milky way.

Finally, if you are near there (not more than 4 hour traveling), you must go there once in your life! It is worth to go, and it is cool to see, then you will be a super hot guy as my favorite professor who loves this library.

Floating glass box in the middle with different structure system

Gallery between the marble facade and the glass box. It became a small nice museum.

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I lost my way

Sw Eden had a really great professor last semester. He said that he loved architecture at Yale university; specially the Beinecke library. Its walls are made of many sheets of marble so people who sat in there could see the light throw the wall.

photo from Flickr.com

Sw Eden went to Yale in last semester and tried to find this building. Sw Eden had a map which was printed from Yale website in hands, but Sw Eden could not find it. Sw Eden was at Church street and asked some people how to go the Beinecke library. They pointed along the Grove street so Sw Eden walked there. Sw Eden saw the old library. Sw Eden thought that maybe, the Beinecke library was not around here.

You can see my path in blue line. I was there for 3 hours and could not find the destination. I walked around every where in Yale and got home at night.I also had to spend $28 for the rail road from New York City.

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