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Buddhism as a Sexist Religion Against Women and LGBT

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When people think about Buddhism, they may think about China and Thailand. To learn something about Buddhism very deep, people come to Thailand to see what the original testament said. I went to learn with many monks in Thailand. I do not said that every monk is so good, but some.

I have studying in many (temporary) classes with many monks. Finally, there is only one monk left, that I learn Buddhism with him. I did not prefer listening to the monks who believe in the idea of sexism and selfishness.

The outsiders may view Buddhism as a very perfect religion. However, the teaching or the old principle must not be changed, especially in Thailand. We all know that if you are a Christian, you do not have to kill people with LGBT identity. Something should be able to change according to the morality and society in that era.

Buddhism monk religion
Figure I: Buddhism monk, drawing by S. W. Eden

I cannot stand listening to men who discriminate women and LGBT. These monks believe that to do something nice to men will result in a better outcome that which to women. They believe that to become a gay or transgender in this life, he had had more than one wife in previous life.

And many fictions that these monks use to support the teaching (the fictions in the actual testament) are mostly sexism. Like, the man had the power over the wife, as he could give his wife to others, and his wife did not have any right or her own decision not to go with other guys. Although the wife is not a slave, but men could treat them like a slave. It is worth to note that the current monks praise this behavior as a very very right thing to do.

As I am female, I cannot stand if someone praises those who treat women as less-than-human. In my ID card, there is the word Buddhism on it. I feel like it is the symbol that force me to accept the idea of sexism. I want to ask a government office near my place to remove the word from my ID card. I know that it may have some effect to my workplace or future career. Thailand is unlike in the United States. If I fill in the form and write that I have no religion, others will think that I am weird and having a negative personality.


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Give Food to Monk: section 1 – a little miracle

By RataJIT:)
Every time, when I want to give food to monk, I will early wake up @ 5 a.m. to cook and will be ready about 6 a.m. I must drive far away from my house to find monks. I usually find only 1-2 monks and have to continue driving to find other monks until finishing my giving food to them. I do know this wastes the petrol while it’s necessary for me to do that.
ถวายเทียนพรรษา Give the big cadle to Temple in Raining Season

One morning, I intended to give food to 6 monks. I found only one monks and I hardly found others. After driving for a while, I could find only another one. If I made my decision to drive forward to find the left monks, I had to drive too far. Therefore, I drove u-turn and hoped that the opposite should have some monks or I had to bring all food back home.
After u-turn, I still could not find any monk, although the way was near my house. However, miracle could happen in real life! I suddenly found 4 monks walked one by one back temple.
Finally, I could give food to 6 monks as my intention. I feel really happy, then.

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Buddhist Statue is not Satanic

This letter was wrote for a boy (an old friend in classroom) who blame Buddism that it is a part of Satan.

The Bible said Satan tried to deceive people to worship the statues, because He did not want people to worship God. Some Christian or Catholic think that Buddhism is Satanic, because people worship the statues. In fact, the first statue of Buddha was made by the soldier of Alexander the Great, when he and his army went to India. They made wrong hair-cut, too. They made that hair-style from the Hindi priest. Buddha cut his hair off, when He made a determine to ordain.

Anyway, Buddhism is reasonable religion. The pure of it, is not statue or miracle. Nowadays, people try to use the religion for their business, so the image of it has got changed.

To be a Buddhist, you do not have to read those books of Tripitaka. Only, you are nice people; give other people without advantage; be conscious and calm and then you will solve the problem very well. Buddhists can believe in other religions, too, if those religions teach people to be nice. The goal of Buddhism is to go out from the circle of sorrow. If people still need to be rich, or need to get this – get those, and if they cannot get higher, they will be sad.

For this page, I will stop writing, because it will be too long. Just know, the pure circle Buddhism does not need statue. Not materialism and not personalize. (just – Do charity to anyone, no specific)

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Lotus for Buddhist Monk

The Buddists always give the lotuses to the monks or to the temple. They do as tradition. In fact, they can give any kind of flower to the monk. Monks are from various kinds of people with various of status. There is no classes or levels after ordination. Every monk respects each other. Buddha said that the monks were from many different places, so people can give them any kind of flowers.

Why do people give lotus to the monk?

Buddha compared human as lotus in 4 position. First is the under-the-mud lotus. That is people who cannot understand anything, although the genius tries to teach them. Second is the under-the-water lotus. That is people who must take time to understand something. Third is the boom lotus. That is people who can understand anything so fast, and they really need the teacher or the knowledge from anywhere. Forth is the bloom lotus. That is people who are really bright. They can understand everything suddenly and exactly correct.

Surely, the lotus that people can pick up from the water is the third or the forth. They think that monk must be bright people, because they are calm. When people are calm, they will understand everything well.

This is the reason that Buddists give monk the lotus.


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