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Motorcycle Gangster in Thailand

Bangkok Dangerous? Is that the real stuff? Or Thailand Dangerous?

In fact, the foreigners can have a lot of fun in Thailand. Regularly, it is not that dangerous as well as New York City. Like, the north part of Brooklyn is very dangerous at night, so New Yorker will not go there at night. Or if you see the blank street, you will not walk into it. All round the world is the same. People use common sense to protect themselves from crime.

Nearby Sw Eden’s house in Thailand, Sw can hear the sound of motorcycles every night. It does not disturb me as much as tick-tock of the clock. They are the racing team against the law. They killed a lot of Thai police who went to blame them. For example, they tried to destroy a van in its parking area, and the police said, “Don’t do it”, then, they used their clubs hit the police until he died.

Outside Bangkok, on the road between some provinces, they will park their motorcycles and pick up the stones. They threw the stones hit the front glass of the car for fun. The glass was broken, the stones hit the father who was driving and hit the forehead of his baby. The father lose one of his eyes and his baby died.

Gangsters and their slutty girlfriends. All Thai women hate this type of sluts. The bad news can go further than the good news. The world should praise Thai female boxers or Thai tradition dancers, but they just want to talk about Thai sluts. These sluts are always with the gangsters. The girls sit behind the motorcycle of the boys. The boys always need the money to decorate their motorcycles. They brought their girls to the city at night. They are waiting for the business men or the working men. The price is about $20 till $30. This is not for whole night, but just to finish it one time. Most of the girls do with 3 guys per a night. Some girls do this only in the weekend, because there are many working men. The working men lie their wife that they have a night seminar.

That’s only direct slutty things. In their racing time, the girls can be for the wager. The winner of motorcycle racing will sleep with the loser’s girl. They have a tradition that they will salute the girls who dare to be the wager.

The gangster stuff is interesting when you have the camera, and you climb into the tree, and take their photos at night. If the boys found you there, they may hit you or shoot you.

The gangster is still the big problem of Thai society. The police should be more strict or Thailand should have more police to manage them before they manage the police. They are dangerous for the people who work at night and to all the vehicles parking outdoor. Their girls can be the HIV or other disease carrier. The nice wives of those business men can be the victims of this social junk.

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Thai Sluts /Whore : Why do they fuck?

Three reasons for Thai prostitutes to have sex with the guys.
1. They are so poor, and they and their families need to eat.
2. The gangsters force them to do.
3. The teenagers like to waste money so fast, so they want to make money so fast, too.

Hideto Matsumoto (Hide)
The Pink and Anywho, Drawing by Sw Eden

**Star on the drawing is Hideto Matsumoto as the pink hair girl.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
1. They are so poor, and they and their families need to eat.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The poor women who cannot find any other jobs also need to eat, and their families need to eat, too. This problems can have everywhere in the world, not only in Thailand. A friend of my friend had to prostitute herself because her mother got cancer. She was just a college student and she had no money. Her father did not be with her anymore. (I can say that most of Thai guys are not different from other countries, they like to have second wife. Thailand does not have a law as in USA that the ex-husband has to pay for his ex-wife.) Lastly she got HIV. I am so sorry for her, a nice daughter. I did talk with my friends about her. If anyone is in this situation, he/she should as other people for help rather than just hurting oneself. The mass media always love to help everyone. If there is really no way to do other things, they said that she should have let her mother died, because her mother would be so sad to see her daughter got HIV or being slut.

One of Thai Christian pedagogues I know went down into a brothel. He asked a slut why that have to work right here, and she answered that she was poor. These women do not have opportunity to meet nice people or high-class people. Most of them actually use many rude words. Some are nice to talk with, too. My music teacher had worked on coping illegal albums in Patpong, and he has a lot of slut friends. After that he just did something so opposite, that is he became a music teacher in Catholic school, and I was his student. In fact, Patpong is just one block away from that school. The afternoon and the evening are so different. We can walk as the students or businessmen in the afternoon, and if we are good enough, we have to escape at night. 😀

Bus Window, Photo by Sw Eden
on Flickr

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
2. The gangsters force them to do.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Unbelievable, Thailand still has a lot of Gangsters (abducting) as well as Japan has a lot of Yakuza gangs. Many times, they abduct Thai girls into the vans and sell them to other countries around Thailand. This also reflect in some Thai country music. Mike Piromporn sang that The evil yakusa drunken his girlfriend and force her to prostitute for their money.

All are just like in the movie that the police cannot disturb some big gangsters. All movies were token based on the reality. That is where the idea comes from. The gangsters do not catch the girls only for being sluts, but they also kidnap the children and cut out their arms and legs, and push them to be beggar. They dropped these poor kids on the street in the morning, and took them back at night. They can make a lot of money from this hell business.

Another way to force a girl to prostitute herself is taking the video of first-time raping, and then threaten her to continue next videos. Most of the girls are shy and scared to tell the police. Or they get detained in the windowless rooms. They may make the girls to be drug addict, and those girls have to do whatever for the drug.

Frabric in a Market, Photo by Sw Eden
on Flickr

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
3. The teenagers like to waste money so fast, so they want to make money so fast, too.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The last reason is for the happy teenagers who love to be whores, because they waste money very fast. At Siam Center, Bangkok, many teenagers decorate their old shirts and trousers to sell to other teenagers on the street. When they get the money, they just walk into the stores and get the new things. Some teenagers think that this way to get the money is very slow. The prize of a shirt is just 100 bahts. If they were whores, they could earn 1,000 baht an hour.

Some parents do not care, and most parents do not know. This down-hell economy, all people get less money. The teenagers cannot live only with the food, but they want a luxurious life with brand-name goods, and some want to decorate their boyfriends’ motorcycle. If you walk on the street at night in Bangkok (some areas), you will see groups of girls waiting for their customers. Almost are pretty, as you know, almost Thai girls are so pretty. For example, comparing between New York subway and Thai subway, in the same capacity of subway car, Thailand has more beautiful girl than New York.

Many foreigners got confused between bad girls and good girls in Thailand. Some of them think that all women in Thailand are sluts. The middle class people do not teach their children to be sluts. They are all educated, and they have good places to work. Most of them work in office, and some own the business. The past government did some mistake about promoting Thailand. Thai government usually promotes the adventures in Thailand. The visitors always love to do journal into the ocean, do the hiking, float the boat in a dangerous water fall, camping and dancing around bonfire. Wow! I love that, too. One of those people in the past, did promote prostitution in Thailand, and after that Thailand is so well-known about this worst thing.

Sw Eden’s hand Drawing in Subway : Hideto Matsumoto (Hide)

Online whores still exist. The information they give online are the nick-name, height, weight, personal identity, ethnic, photo, body-shape, age, level of education, and they do not tell exactly where they study, but they say the location of their school; so people can guess very easy. Almost sweet, cute and love to dress up. I bet they are cuter than Japanese porn-star. They are much much cuter and younger than those Thai women you search via search engine. The prize is about 2,000-5,000 bahts, which is different from those on the street with the prize 500-1,000 bahts. I am not their supporter, and I do not want Thailand to be just like this. If half of teenagers did porn, how Thailand can grow up to be developed country. I love my country. I will talk about the part of bad boys later.

“Prostitution is revolution” a part of Cobra Starship’s Lyrics of Prostitution Is The World’s Oldest Profession (And I, Dear Madame, Am A Professional). This band is fun actually. 😀 Lately I could not get the ticket to get into their show. All are sold out.


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Bad Driver in Bangkok City, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is a city that has a high percentage of cars per people. Most single families have at least 2 cars. That is why it is important to consider who the bad drivers of this city are. Bad drivers can be noticed three ways: their car positions in each lane, their lack of concentration while driving and their behavior when they do not drive.

Bad drivers always drive inappropriately in both the right and the left lanes. In fact, Thai driving laws do not include this in the law books, but it really affects real life on the street. These driving laws say just that the faster cars have to be in the right lanes, and the slower cars have to be in the left lanes. The bad drivers drive near the right edge when they are in the right lane, and the mean drivers can get in the right lane, without waiting too easily because the bad drivers leave too much room. All drivers in the right lane should drive near the left edge to prevent those mean drivers, but the bad drivers do not. They just keep driving near the right edge, so every mean driver can cheat other cars. The problems of slower cars in the left lane are similar, too. Regularly, if the drivers drive in the left lane close by the small side road, they will drive near the right edge of the lane. The bad drivers drive near the left edge of the lane and no one from the small side road can come out onto the main street. More than that, in Thai traffic law, the left edge of the left lane is for motorcycles and bicycles. When the bad drivers are there, the motorcycles and bicycles will get stuck or they have to move to the right edge of that lane and make some scratches on other cars.

People who do not pay attention during their driving are also bad drivers. Most of these unconscious drivers are not caught by police if their actions do not hurt other cars or other people. Many people think that using the cell phone may cause drivers to not concentrate, but it is not always like that if those cell phone users concentrate on the street more than the phone. That is because the auto gear allows the drivers to use one hand and one leg to drive. However, if people are good drivers, they will not drive when they are drunk, but the bad drivers do not care how drunk they are, and they go to drive on the street. Their behavior damages other cars and harms other people who are walking along or crossing the street. The research says drunk people’s consciousness is slower than general people. I could see by myself on the street, that drunk drivers do not stop at the right place when the red light appears. Once I saw a drunk driver hit a person at the crosswalk. One of my friends who drove when he was drunk told me, that when he wanted to turned left into a small narrow street, he turned his car too slowly, and his car went up on the walk way where people were walking. He also said he was lucky that no one got hit at the moment. Imagine, if he hit someone, he would go to jail, and I would never see him in the classroom again. Then, he said that he will never be drunk while driving again. I believe that he is a better driver now.

I also believe that we can tell who the bad drivers are, even when they are not. My mother’s friend, who I knew could drive, had been in my mother’s car once. When my mother stopped her car in the left lane, that friend opened the right side door of my mother’s car. This showed that she was a bad driver because the right lane is for the fast cars, so the door and she could be hit by other cars very easily. Another example of how bad drivers act when they are not driving is they do not know where to stand when other people are parking. I know most of them are bad drivers just when I see them make signs behind the cars in the parking area. That is because they stand behind the cars. The drivers will feel uncomfortable to move their cars back. Sometimes, these bad drivers get hurt by the cars because they stand in the wrong place. The reason that I can know that these people are the driver, not just regular people who cannot drive, is they are police and security guards. In Thailand, the police and the security guards have to be able to drive the cars or at least, the motorcycles because in case, the cars get stolen and they have to follow the robber.

As we can see from all these examples, the bad drivers in Thailand are people who are reckless to the others on the street. They are the causes of many accidents, and they disturb many good drivers, and other people. I need those bad drivers to read this essay before driving outside. Only then the streets will be safe for everybody.

All words and photos by Sw Eden (สว อิเฎล)
All photos are street shots in Bangkok, so they do not have to be bad drivers.

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