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Problem: Imeem became Myspace (I click on Google)

Regularly, if Sw Eden search the Imeem Playlist on google, I will be able to listen to whole playlist without a log in. Sw Eden usually listened to Ken Zi:Kill playlist, by getting it from Google Search.

After Myspace bought Imeem for Myspace Music, Sw cannot find many favorite songs on Myspace. There are a lot of dead artists or lost-world artists who cannot sign up in Myspace to upload their music.

Right now, you can have some choice to listen to your favorite old/ancient music.

Get into Playlist.com, and if you cannot find your fav song on its search engine, you can upload new thing at FilEden.com
Hey Hey, the name sound like Sw Eden somehow. 😀

**Another thing you should know about Playlist.com is, you can get the URL of the song by click “visit site”, so then you can use that URL to “Embed” the song on your website, too.

Code for Embed : <embed src=”XXXXXX.mp3″ width=200>
You may need to find the Creative Common song, http://search.creativecommons.org/,

You can have an Autoplay Youtube video on you profile, too.
1. Just select your fav song on Youtube search engine.
2. Get the Code
3. Put ‘&Autoplay=1’ after the URL of video in the Code
4. Change the Width and Height to be width=”1″ height=”1″


This is a super businessman evil from Thailand. We have a Mango Max laptop, and we are so happy.


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Change Myspace URL with Cool Page

If you already change what Myspace provide you to do (Read more about 1st change Myspace URL and Get your own New URL), you can try this super cool way to have a new URL on Myspace.com

1. Just sign up a new Myspace account.
2. Try to put the Java-Script in any box of Edit profile

<script language=”javascript”>
window.location=”YOUR OLD URL

3. Sw Eden have tried it million way, but Sw cannot put any Script into it. The only place that Sw can put is “Company”, but it does work.
4. Have a Super Cool Design to link to your old page
5. See the example I do for my own myspace Myspace.com/Sw_Eden
**if you need my design for your Myspace layout, you can hire me $25. to do the artwork for you. sw_eden@myspace.com

Just put this code to the section “Who I’d like to meet:”
See the code :

div.header1 {
position: absolute;
top: 0;
left: 50%;
margin-left: -512px; <— Half of the width of  image or table
width: 1024px; <— Size of  image or table you use to cover
height: 768px; <— Size of  image or table you use to cover
body, .bodyContent  {
tr,table, td{background-color:transparent}
.comments {visibility:hidden;display:none;}

<div class=”header1″>
Your Stuff to Cover

<div class=”comments”><table><tr><td><table><tr><td> <— Hide the comment


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Change Myspace URL the Third time

If you do not prefer your second changed URL, you can try the 3rd time changing in this page.
or looking at Have a Cool Myspace page with your Fav URL

Get you own URL, and create the direct link to your page. Most of the company will do it for your automatically. Sw Eden also fount CO.NR, but Sw Eden cannot use it for Myspace.com

You can have a free domain name at Dot.TK or pay for .COM URL
(Google Domain is $10, you can try here http://www.google.com/a/cpanel/domain/new and click I want to buy a domain name)

Sw Eden will talk about the free domain at Dot.TK (yourdomain.tk)
1. Enter the site Dot.TK
2. Fill out you website and click “next”

3. Fill out the form

4. Click “Confirm” , after that Sw Eden will be able to click to your page with your new URL.



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Change Myspace URL the Second time

Let’s I start with a regular what Myspace provide for you.
(If you have already tried this way, you can change URL another way Click Me, and another way Link Me)

1. Sw Eden log in to Myspace account
2. Go to Inbox
3. You will see New! Setup your own @myspace.com email address
Click it or use this link http://messaging.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=mailsetup.createaccount

4. Fill out the form

Sw Eden says, CONGRAT!!

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Internet users can help the world

You should do:
1. Change your screen and homepage(blog)’s layout to be dark or black.
2. In the afternoon, wear bright color (or white) shirt or suit. (not absorb energy or light from the sun)
3. Try to save the electirc city as much as you can.

Effect and dexcription:
Most of you are reading this blog right now are wordpress user (or other internet user). I know it is hard for you to think about how to save the world’s energy by car or industry. Sometimes, you think that you do not have to care about saving the world’s energy.

As computer users who have many account via many websites, you should love and protect the servers that you use. If the strong storms or flooding water come to kill those servers, you will not have myspace, facebook, hi5, etc. to play with anymore, and you also lost contact of many friends.


1. Most of electricity is produced by lignite.
2. Every process needs the electricity. (include computer hardware’s production and electricity use)
3. They all are causes of global warming.
4. Global warming is cause if stronger storm, thunderbolt and flooding (from ice melting).
5. All disaster can hurt the servers which we are using.

1. Protect the world from global warming
2. Protect your eyes from the bright screen
3. Save your money (from both electricity and hard ware repairing)

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