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Thai Faulty Favor

Couple decades ago, the place I have live is plentiful farms. Green rice field became concrete floor. The soft and cold have changed to be the hot and dry. People care about their business rather than the world or the nation. They heat the world. They dry the world. They kill themselves.

Let’s talk about Thailand’s economy. Thailand export rice to many countries. Half of them cannot live without this rice. Countries in the north Asia really need Thai fruits, too. All these goods are really important. Thai people do not think like this. Thai teenagers pay for cinema everyday. High-society people buy brand-name cars and wares from European, although Thailand can produce them. Thailand can grow almost fruits from all places in the world, because Thailand has various types of topography, but old people still believe that the imported fruits are better.

Some politicians needed to change Thailand to be the great big city as New York or London. They like industrial factory rather than farm. They want to change the earth to be the concrete because of their fool. Our Thai king is only one who can make people’ belief. The way to go to His palace in Hua Hin, is surrounded with farm and nature. This is Thailand. We were born with this environment. We need the improvement of the land, but not the changing of the land. Our earth is truly rich. Do not cover it with hot and dry concrete. The world needs what we already have.

The president of my school really loves Thailand. He persuades the students and their parents to buy products of Thailand. We are educated and we do, we buy help poor people in our country. Those poor people do not do love Thailand. We pay them for agricultural result, but they spend out money for new cell-phones and new cars. Poor people in my place sell their land to the real-estate company to build the concrete houses.

Laugh and so disgusted to these unpleasant behaviors. At least, today, you have already thought. Thank you.

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Anti-God Belief

Anti-God is different from Anti-Christ. Some people divide between God and Son (Jesus Christ). They might be different people, but when both combine with spirit, they will be trinity. Anti-God people think that God did not love his son enough, so he sent his son to get torture in the world. In fact, it is Jesus’ work to prevent to world from the sin. This means this type of Anti-God is not that bad people who agent the testament.

I know a friend from Philippine, she had changed her religion from Catholic to be Christian. This type of Catholic in Philippine is strange enough until I do not want to believe that it exists. Those people torture themselves as Jesus Christ got. They think that it is merit to be painful as Jesus. By the Christian theory, they are totally worst, because Jesus’ pain is to stop all other pain which will happen to human being.

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Love is . . .

People will think about love between boyfriend and girlfriend, when they click on this blog. In fact, I like to talk about God’s love.

Real love is love that we can devote ourselves for. Not just donate the money, but it is about mind, time and everything. Real love does not have to be given to only the person. We can give this kind of love to the things, the pet and the country, too.

For examples
– Currently in Thailand, a big group of people can devote their lives for their nation and the King.
– People keep important coins or rings to remind about their legion and their region.

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Sw Eden : attend Mushroomhead live in New York Fall 2007

Sw Eden took the videos in the concert and posted in Sw Eden’s official myspace (http://myspace.com/proudparadox และซึ่งในอดีตคือ in the past is myspace.com/old_heath)

If you are Thai, you can read Mushroomhead Biography written in Thai here ถ้าอยากอ่านประวัติวงเป็นภาษาไทย ให้คลิกที่นี่

Click on the image to watch video (Open in new tab) คลิกที่รูปเพื่อชม Video
Mushroomhead – Save us Live

Mushroomhead – Shmotz

Mushroomhead – Waylon Reavis

and also the band that toured with them, As summer dies
Angle Dies is Stitch’s girlfriend
She stood side of stage in the video above and very cute! she acted as their fan, too. Both bands are fans of each other.

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