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Atlantic Antic Addict

Although Sw Eden have never wish to be an Atlantic Antic Addict, I have walk in this street fair from 2006-2010, until I love it. Atlantic avenue is just in front of my apartment, so it is my good opportunity to enjoy this biggest street fair in NYC. Many bands come to show their amazing songs and fantastic skills. Many chefs shows their super delicious foods. All parents brings their children to pick out their favorite games from the million games and then play.

Crowded Balloon as the Crowded Street Fair at Atlantic Avenue, brooklynView the Musician Collections of Sw Eden on Flickr

I love the cheap CDs there. For people who love to have a big collection of ancient music discs, this can be one of the best way to get them for chap and fast and secured (I mean you do not have to avoid the shipping disaster).

In fact, there are a lot of similar events around New York City. Most of th events can gain a big group of people. This means New Yorkers love all the festivals so much, and also have a really wealthy economy.

Jazz band showed their skill in the Atlantic Antic FestivalView the Musician Collections of Sw Eden on Flickr

Regularly, people who live in Brooklyn can pay their money faster than people in manhattan. They like to buy all the cheap cloths and home supplies. I live in Brooklyn and most things are cheaper than in Manhattan. For people in Manhattan, we consider that they are richer. The do not spend money that fast, but they spend a huge money at once. There are a lot of passions in Manhattan, especially brand name things on 5th Avenue.

What does Sw Eden always get from Street Fairs Event?
I just ask myself, because I do not love to spend my money this way. The most often things I buy are foods. Lately I went to Romania Day Festival, I found a Thai cook first time in all street fairs I had gone before. I about my dinner for $3 and banana snack for $3. It is pretty cheap comparing the regular price in New York City.

Anyway, for all the street fairs around New York City, Atlantic Antic is the best!

If you can check the list of events/ festivals/ street fairs on NYC.gov and NYCtourist.com and NYCstreetfairs.com

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MMC Plaza : Public Property of Marsh & McLennan Companies

Sw Eden visited MMC Plaza of Marsh & McLennan Companies in a sunny Wednesday afternoon. This place impressed me by how kind its owners are. The width of it can be the width of a building, and the length of it is the width of a street block. That is 45th street in Manhattan, New York City, and every square foot should be more than $1,000. In fact, the landowners could make a lot of profit if they built a commercial building. It is just two blocks from Time Square, and many rich people are around there.

Sculpture at Marsh & McLennan Companies Plaza (MMC Plaza), Manhattan, New York City
View MMC Plaza and Memorial set on Flickr

Sw Eden would like to comment it architecturally. MMC Plaza divides its city block into two with a nice pedestrian walkway and hangout space. They grow some tree to green people’s feeling. The only shop on its east side is a flower shop, which is very appropriate for the people around there. They are working people/officers, and they would have enough money to decorate their love life with these beautiful flowers. A New-York-like piece of sculpture sit on top of the flat-stepped waterfall. Sw Eden called it, “New-York-like” because it is made of many perpendicular (90 degree) angles which is just like New York City grid, but it can be looked in many different ways and as many different shapes which is like all the New Yorkers. “New York is one of the most open cities”, quote from Angelo Falcon on ‘The Latinization of New York’, AM New York newspaper, May 5, 2010. When Sw Eden was in Language school, the teacher kept saying that this city was the melting pot or mosaic.

Pedestrian Walk at the east of the plaza.
View MMC Plaza and Memorial set on Flickr

Below the New-York-like sculpture, there is the stepped waterfall which can add a natural sound of water to hide the traffic-noise pollution. This mean the architect did not just slow the walker speed down to the hangout area, he also prevented the plaza users to feel about the rush city.

Two different zones which the architect created to match up two sides of MMC Plaza is about 3 feet difference. The east side is higher than the west side. As Sw said that the only store in the east side is the flower store. The floor level of this flower store is the same height as the east pedestrian walk. For the west side which is 3 feet dropped down, I guess it is for continuation with the indented lobby area of 1166 46th street. It is not only the height of the space which speck the same language with the company, the architect used this lower height to create the harmony of the allowed sunlight to get into the building smoothly.

Flower shop at the east of MMC plaza
View MMC Plaza and Memorial set on Flickr

MMC Plaza is still show the good responsibility for the owners to what they created. They always have the security guard walk around to keep the plaza safe. They are not the cruel guys as many other places in New York, because they are so nice to the visitors. I talked to one of them shortly before I left. MMC Plaza also has custodians to keep the space clean for whole day. You can imagine what people do to the Central Park after they finish eating.

A big glass memorial inscription says, “Our Lost Colleagues Are Above All ,…..”. They define all the families and loving people and following with the list of the name. I do not know much about detail. You should do a little research on Wikipedia. I love that it has two layers lay on top of each other nicely with the name and signature. All these are really nice impressive space in our midtown. You must look at it once you are the NYers!

**Why don’t we walk 10 feet from here to get cheap books/CDs at Book Off store? (Click to read more)

Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. 1166 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
View MMC Plaza and Memorial set on Flickr

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BOOKOFF NYC Store : Buy rare Japanese CDs and $1 Book

Relocation of Book Off / Carmen Electra, one of my most favorite women. I really like her in Spartan the movie. I always has her in my computer.

MMC Plaza visiting remind me of the new location of Book Off Store which had been at 41st street 5 Ave. Right now, it is at north side of 45th street between 5th and 6th Ave, close to MMC Plaza. Although the new one is bigger, I like the original location better because it was near my useful subway station and my favorite Japanese foodstuff. Sw Eden is Thai, but usually eat Japanese foods in New York City, because it is 2 times cheaper than Thai food. Well, Thai food is the best forever (laugh)! Another reason that I like the original location is my favorite New York Public Library is there. I am not a bookworm, but I love maps and architectures. You can get a free membership there and borrow the book and use internet. For Book-off itself, this location is much much better than the old one. It heads to the target customers which are not only Japanese. Sw saw 75% of customers are White, Black and Latino. Maybe, I am the only Thai customer (laugh). They used to tell me that they do not have a computer database, but they always help me to find the CDs I want. They are pretty nice. I held a CDs list and asked them if I could not read Japanese. If they do not have some available thing, they are not selfish to say advice me to order it from other Japanese Book stores.

The old location of BOOKOFF might become a part of Berkeley College as we can see their flags on it.

Sw Eden does not know why Fool’s Mate really love ancient Visual Kei stuff. They still have those bands on cover. I guess they might think that they have grown up with those bands.

Kenji is my friend who suggested me to be a BOOKOFF customer 2 years ago. He is a Thai food consumer, too. He is very cute, and in my last semester (now), he is a group partner. He listed all the Japanese CDs stores in NYC for me, and BOOKOFF is the only one which works for me. I usually looked for rare CDs about my only favorite Japanese band, Zi:Kill. Right now, there is no reason to find Zi:Kill things in there anymore, because I got almost stuff I need already (laugh). Like, today, I went there just after MMC Plaza, I walked directly to letter, ‘K’ and looked for ‘Ken’. I totally forgot that all Ken’s solo albums were sent to my home in Thailand already (I have extra Ken – Joke and Ken – Who Am I? because I got them before, and when I tried to order Ken – Drill, they were sold as whole set. If you need Joke and Who Am I? please comment below. Price included worldwide shipping $25 per each.). I just laughed at myself, and looked for some impossible things such ‘CryBaby’. Some albums of Craze, Buck-Tick, Der Zibet (civet is my fav animal, but I hate the actual cat.), Glay are in the $1-$3 shelf. Go take them if you like. You may meet me with short pants, soccer socks, sneakers and a rucksack (laugh).

BookOff CDs and Book Store NYC, New location at 45 street between 5 and 6 Ave / 2 blocks from Time Square BOOKOFF New York Store Set on Flickr

The room is much bigger. ^^ BOOKOFF New York Store Set on Flickr

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Conservatory Garden, Central Park, NYC

Conservatory Garden is the most beautiful part of Central Park North. It set near the north-east corner of Central Park. The flowers and the plants will be changed in every season. This is the heaven of New Yorker. View More Conservatory Garden photos Click Here

Conservatory Garden is always full with colors in all 4 seasons. It is a wonderful place for all photographers, and and it is a wonderful place for Sw Eden, too! As the high attempt to improve the park around New York City since President Nixon, New York City became the crowded city with the crowded parks, which is so awesome. Sw Eden thinks most money for Central Park is used to invest to perfect Conservatory Garden. The gardenias come to put in the new seed every end all seasons to prepare for the upcoming season. If Sw met a friendly guy, he may give me some seed to grow at home. They do not blame me any when I took their photograph.

Boy and Girl Statue Conservatory Garden สวนสาธารณะในฝันของคนนิวยอร์ก อยู่มุมขวาบนของ Central Park ถ้าดูตามแผนที่ ดอกไม้และพันธุ์ไม่จะมีการปลูกใหม่ ตามฤดูการ แถมยังเป็นสถานที่แต่งงานของหลายต่อหลายคนอีกด้วย View More Conservatory Garden photos Click Here

Although New Yorker is not so special from the regular American, the government always keep trying to green the city. They do not like the towers/skyscrapers to have parking areas, because they do not need car in the city. They want to see people use MTA/subway and biking. It will be so hard to bike in here, because the bad people love to steal the bicycles so much.

If you visit New York City for your vacation, Conservatory Garden should be the first on your list. You can also visit Museum of the City of New York. It is right across the street from Conservatory Garden, between 103th and 104th street, face to 5th Avenue. Sw Edem was interested in its collection of ancient dolls and doll houses. When I was young I made that by my own with the paper. They are perfectly look like the real house. They are much better than what I see in my architecture model. I saw something funny is when the doll want to get to the bedroom from the lower level, it has to walk pass a bathroom first. That may be true that people have to go to bath before and after bed.

Autumn Flower at Conservatory Garden, Sw Eden have seen these types of flower there every fall. They are yellow, red, orange and pink, and a lot of cute bee.View More Conservatory Garden photos Click Here

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Motorcycle Gangster in Thailand

Bangkok Dangerous? Is that the real stuff? Or Thailand Dangerous?

In fact, the foreigners can have a lot of fun in Thailand. Regularly, it is not that dangerous as well as New York City. Like, the north part of Brooklyn is very dangerous at night, so New Yorker will not go there at night. Or if you see the blank street, you will not walk into it. All round the world is the same. People use common sense to protect themselves from crime.

Nearby Sw Eden’s house in Thailand, Sw can hear the sound of motorcycles every night. It does not disturb me as much as tick-tock of the clock. They are the racing team against the law. They killed a lot of Thai police who went to blame them. For example, they tried to destroy a van in its parking area, and the police said, “Don’t do it”, then, they used their clubs hit the police until he died.

Outside Bangkok, on the road between some provinces, they will park their motorcycles and pick up the stones. They threw the stones hit the front glass of the car for fun. The glass was broken, the stones hit the father who was driving and hit the forehead of his baby. The father lose one of his eyes and his baby died.

Gangsters and their slutty girlfriends. All Thai women hate this type of sluts. The bad news can go further than the good news. The world should praise Thai female boxers or Thai tradition dancers, but they just want to talk about Thai sluts. These sluts are always with the gangsters. The girls sit behind the motorcycle of the boys. The boys always need the money to decorate their motorcycles. They brought their girls to the city at night. They are waiting for the business men or the working men. The price is about $20 till $30. This is not for whole night, but just to finish it one time. Most of the girls do with 3 guys per a night. Some girls do this only in the weekend, because there are many working men. The working men lie their wife that they have a night seminar.

That’s only direct slutty things. In their racing time, the girls can be for the wager. The winner of motorcycle racing will sleep with the loser’s girl. They have a tradition that they will salute the girls who dare to be the wager.

The gangster stuff is interesting when you have the camera, and you climb into the tree, and take their photos at night. If the boys found you there, they may hit you or shoot you.

The gangster is still the big problem of Thai society. The police should be more strict or Thailand should have more police to manage them before they manage the police. They are dangerous for the people who work at night and to all the vehicles parking outdoor. Their girls can be the HIV or other disease carrier. The nice wives of those business men can be the victims of this social junk.

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TsAO & McKOWN Architecture visiting

In fact, I had never known about this company until I got into their place with my class. Our professor brought all the student in Professional Practice class to there. I did a little short research by looking around on their website. Although TsAO & McKOWN is an architecture company, they have done various kinds of design work. I dare to say that they are all amazing.

My friends’ behaviors to the nice and cruel professors are so different. Nice students always like nice professors, but bad students always look down nice professors. The bad students may consider that the cruel professors are smarter, so they can show off. These are only about the psychology in the class room that always happens.

We, the architecture students did visit TsAO & McKOWN architecture company. What’s cozy place?! How nice of people?! Wooden furniture in their collection is so friendly as human can feel to the nature. Did we think that they are not good enough when we looked at that artistic rough ceiling. Did we think that they are not good enough when they are talking with us. Please do not have a wrong attitude to the real artists. Check them out, they got the 2009 AIA Housing Award. This can be a much better guarantee better than my word.

I was the first guy in the class who went to the place, so I had a little more time to look around their collection. Their place is good enough to be named, “museum”. I asked them where the restroom was, after I travel to Roosevelt Island and Rockefeller Center in that afternoon. Whole restroom was painted black with a big round lamp on the ceiling. It is very hard to see all things on the floor and on the wall, especially the first come in. The nature of the eyes cannot adapt itself that fast. On the left, there was a long pocket. Surely, everyone will pick it. I did wish to tell people outside if they forgot their pocket in the restroom. Another side of the pocket said that, “Please leave this pocket in the restroom.” I was thinking myself if the pocket’s owner put a measurement tool inside to count how many times this pocket was lift up and down. It should be a cheap tool, as well as the one I use to count my steps when I walk in Central Park.

Bathroom / Restroom Lamp

Light bulb at ceiling of Whitney Museum Lobby

Lobby Light Bulb Whitney Museum

Lantern Light Bulb at Lobby of Whitney Museum
What the light bulb lamp look like at Whitney Museum, Manhattan, NYC

I admire their attempt to collect a lot of artwork, but I still have an opposite attitude when I look at other artist’s work. My belief is my brain can take the idea of other people unconsciously right at the first time I look at the work. This means, I will not open the architecture book when I need an idea for my design class. Although TsAO & McKOWN collects a lot of artwork, they do not copy its concept and idea. Most of their design is based on the function and the relationship of their work to the user.

The examples that they show us are one of skyscraper project with a creative mixing-brick facade, and a transparent lipstick box. For the skyscraper project, some students may compare it with their own work in design classes. Most of student in our class had been in the school since the school did not have a laser cut machine. When they worked by hand, professors encourage them to not do the box. Many of us have weird shaped models, and we got good grades. Some of us still dreamed to work on wired shaped building in their real life. Right then at the office, we listened to the real-time 90 degree angle building with 3 or more colors of brick on facade. One of our design professor always blamed that, the colors in 2Ds were just the decoration. Any things we had known about those words; now they are the real-time project. One of the reasons that my friends stopped doing weird shaped architectures is the school has laser cut. The student will design only flat facade and let the laser cut do the work for them. Another word is they are lazier than before.

I did see a guy in the office work on his paper. He just drew something with pencil and rulers, although all knew Auto CAD. This is the same as another guy in HTNB who can be successful in his architect career without Auto CAD. Auto CAD is just the magic pen, but the nature of human, design by hand is the best way that the brain can spread a good idea out. Many computer programs always force the users to use its tools. People just begin their design with the box. The right way to make a new stuff is to develop the concept to be the actual model, and 99% of the concept is not “box”. How the real-time building became weird-shaped again? Most blocks of the street are square, and most furniture is the square, too.

TsAO & McKOWN made it. They gave the answer in their showroom design. They spread the base of their mannequins as a drop of water splashing. How interesting of the arrangement did not disturb how interesting of the dresses on mannequins. We have to trust that men can do stuff women like, and vice versa. I heard many women said that the good womb doctors are male, and the good scrotum doctors are female. When I was in Mahidol wittayanusorn Science School, the teacher who looked for the women dormitory is male, and vice versa, too.

TsAO & McKOWN did design of women’s lipstick. They needed the women to know how short of the left lipstick. They also want their lipstick to be the first choice of a few lipsticks in the women’s bag. I feel like its shape still the architecture-like. Anyway..

TsAO & McKOWN office arrangement looks so simple. I saw their work of simple shape and simple shade of modern design. They worked for China, Singapore and also my country, Thailand. I am not sure if it is Asia Hotel. If people are interested in their work, they do not need to come to NYC. They can just search for their projects online, and go to the real place in their own country.

They did talk about how to contact people from faraway country, and the architect’s life to sleep in the office at night. Architects have to do the site visit in the project of other countries as well as they need to do in their own place. Site visit actually helps in their design and also can prevent many problems and risks. Doing it in different times of the day should be a good thing. The architects still need to understand the difference of cultures and season, too. I heard about Yin and Yang in China. Kevin Johnson, my business writing professor said that Chinese people thought that fry-potato snack was hot for the human body, so they would not consume it during the summer. The packaging designer had to use the water and sky theme on it bag, to show that the snake was not that not. In fact, it is not only design that architects have to understand about the culture. Architects have to have a good relationship to many kinds of people from different parties, and they are also different in different countries.


This is their website, so you can view their work online http://www.tsao-mckown.com/


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ประวัติ Zim Zum วง Marilyn Manson

รวบรวมเรียบเรียงแปล โดย สว อิเฎล
ห้ามนำไปใช้ใน Website อื่นโดยไม่ได้รับอนุญาต
หากต้องการสอบถามเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับผลงานวง ให้ถามที่ http://board.thaimisc.com/manson

อ่านหน้าอื่น ๆ : ประวัติ วง Marilyn Manson, ประวัติ นาย Marilyn Manson, ประวัติ Twiggy Ramirez, ประวัติ Madonna Wayne Gacy (Pogo), ประวัติ John 5, ประวัติ Zim Zum, ประวัติ Ginger Fish


Zim Zum มีชื่อเดิมว่า Timothy Michael Linton เขาเกิดที่ Chicago เมืองหลวงที่มีที่ตั้งอยู่ทางตอนใต้ของรัฐ Illinois เขาถูกเลี้ยงดูมาโดยแม่และยายของเขา โตขึ้นเลยกลายเป็น Bi-Sexual เจาะหัวนม และยังเป็นลูกคนสุดท้องโดยมีพี่ชายอีกคน Zimmy เริ่มเล่นกีตาร์ตอนอายุได้ 13 ปี เพราะเขาไม่มีอะไรจะทำ และไปดูคอนเสริตครั้งแรกกับแม่ – รู้ไหมว่าเหมือนใคร?!! Joey จาก SlipKnoT และ Yoshiki จาก X Japan ที่ไปดูคอนเสริตครั้งแรกกับแม่ – มีคนบอกว่า แม่ของ Zimmy เป็นสาว Punk

Zim Zum Panic! at the Disco nono Court

ต่อมา Zimmy ได้ทำงานที่ร้านซ่อมกีต้าร์ และเล่นให้วงดนตรีท้องถิ่นบางวง และที่โด่งดังที่สุดคือ Life, Sex and Death (LSD) เขาเล่นให้วงนี้แต่ไม่ได้ร่วมอัดเสียงด้วยเพราะไม่ต้องการที่จะเดินทางร่วมทางกับวงนี้เมื่อทราบว่าวงนี้จะจาก Chicago ไป Los Angeles นอกจากนี้ เขายังมีข่าวลือที่ว่าเขาให้สายกีตาร์รัดคอตัวเองแล้วเขาจะสามารถสำเร็จควาใคร่ได้ (Autoerotic)

พฤษภาคมปี 1996 Zimmy ได้เห็นประกาศหนึ่งใน Chicago Reader เกี่ยวกับ Marilyn Manson ต้องการมือกีตาร์ ใครอยากเป็นให้ส่ง ไป Zimmy ก็เลยส่งไป และส่งรูปไปให้ด้วย ไม่นานหลังจากนั้นเขาก็ได้รับการติดต่อกลับ เขาจึงบินไปที่ New Orleans เพื่อทดลองแสดงจริง และเขาก็ได้งาน หลังจากที่มีข่าวว่าก่อนหน้านี้เขาตกงาน เราไม่แน่ใจนะว่าจริงหรือเปล่า

MV ตัวแรกที่เราได้เห็น Zimmy คือ The Beautiful People และก็คงอีกหลายตัว ข้าพเจ้าเคยเป็นใน Long Hard Rock Out of Hell ที่เริ่มต้นด้วยเขา Live ครั้งแรกของ Zimmy กับ Manson คือ Nothing Night วันที่ 5 กันยายน 1996 ที่ New York City (NYC) Manson เล่นแบบเดิมที่เรารู้จักกันดี จบเวทีเมื่อไรก็จะทำลายข้าวของ เขาเหวี่ยงขาตั้งไมค์ ไปโดนปลาขิง ผู้เป็นมือกลอง และปลาขิงก็ถูกส่งเข้าโรงพยาบาลทันที

ระหว่างการ tour กับ Manson Zimmy ใช้กีตาร์ที่เขาประกอบขึ้นเอง 3 ตัว แต่ก็มีบางตัวที่ซื้อเขามา เราสามารถเห็น Zimmy ใน live ที่ชื่อ Irresponsible Hate Anthem และเขายังเป็นคนที่ช่วยแต่งเพลงในอลบัมที่ชื่อ Mechanical Animals ที่ออกมนปี 1998 แต่หลังจากนั้นเขาก็ลาออกจากวง คนที่มาเล่นเพลงที่เขาแต่งในการออก tour สำหรับอลบัมนี้คือ John Lowery หรือ John 5 น่าเสียดายจริง ๆ เพราะเขาควรจะได้เล่นเพลงที่เขาแต่งเอง Zimmy ไม่ได้มีเรื่องกับ Manson แต่เขาบอกว่า มันพอแล้วที่เขาจะอยู่ที่นี่ เขาออกไปวงที่มีแนวดนตรีแตกต่างจาก Manson คือ the Pop Culture Suicides

Zim Zum with Marilyn Manson

ต่อมาเราจะมารู้เรื่องเรื่องชื่อของเขาจากปากของเขาเอง :

Zim Zum มาจากจุดเริ่มต้นของเวลาช่วงที่พระเจ้ายังไม่สร้างสรรพสิ่งในโลกมนุษย์ พระเจ้าได้สร้างบางสิ่งบางอย่างที่นอกเหนือจากตัวพระองค์ท่าน อาธิ รูโบ๋ ซึ่งไม่ใช่ตัวของพระเจ้า เพราะพระเจ้าอยู่ทุกหนทุกแห่ง ( รูโบ๋ คือที่ที่ไม่มีอะไรเลย ดังนั้นมันก็เลยไม่ใช่พระเจ้า ) และ รูโบ๋ นี้เรียกว่า Zim Zum.

หลังจากนี้เขาก็เข้าสู่ห้วงของการอธิบายเกี่ยวกับการค้นพบวินาทีสุดท้าย เกี่ยวกับชื่อของเขาที่สัมพันธ์กับสมาชิกในวงคนอื่นอื่น ด้วย ดารา hollywood ที่เป็น ฆาตรกรต่อเนื่อง

Zim Zum ดูเหมือนจะมีความหมายใน Bible แต่มันก็เหมือนกับชื่อคนอื่น ๆ เช่นกัน เขาเล่าเมื่อเขากำลังเล่นอยู่กับ internet… ก็มีเด็กมาชี้ให้เห็นว่ามันมี Model หนึ่งจากยุค 1940’s ซึ่งมีชื่อเริ่มต้นว่า Zim และ มีฆาตรกรต่อเนื่อง 2 ตัวจากยุค 1970’s ตัวหนึ่งมาจากญี่ปุ่น อีกตัวมาจาก U.S.A. และชื่อสุดท้ายของทั้งสองคือ Zum เขาจึงดีใจมาก!

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My Christian Friends

Autumn at Formdam University

My third visit of New York state was in 2005. I went to a language school, Marymount College of Fordam University at Tarrytown. It is only one month course. I went to a church which was not Christian church with my Korean friends. They wrote a big text, “God is Good and Good is God”. I can remember my dirty thought so well. I listened to many anti-christ and Satanic music at that time, like Black Metal and Marilyn Manson. The words that popped up in my head were, “God eat God” (a song of Marilyn Manson) and “Guns are Good” (a song of Genitorturers). Right now, it is the time to determine, that we should act for love or for hate. Although Marilyn Manson had million reasons to hate his God, he still shew his pessimistic idea. Twiggy Ramirez or Jeordie White also said in the interview of The High End of Low, that the time of anti-christ was when they were so young. The least of all lives, people just want to be happy. The real anti-christ people do things too much serious which are not good for themselves, and the fake anti-christ people did things just for commercial.

Sw Eden’s painting at a walkway in Marymount College, Fordam University, Terrytown

I went back to Thailand, and went to New York again in January 2006. I took language and Mathematics classes in that Spring semester. Fiaye, my friend in Math class, became my close so fast. She was very friendly. She searched for a Thai Christian church for me to join. She brought me there about 2-3 weeks, and she had to go back to her church. I studied Bible at Thai church at Yonker about one year. I was not quite nice, because I might betray them. It becomes my pain right now. If I or anyone is not head into any religion, we just should not pretend to take the knowledge from them, and create other things back to them. I did love Satan during that age. I had too much knowledge from Bible, and I read it reverse and translated it to be anti-god subjects. They were posted in my Marilyn Manson Thai Webboard in 2006, and I removed all of them in 2009.

Fiaye gave me an album of Christian songs, and I have still listened to them until now. They are brighter and lighter than Satanism songs. You may have heard Black Metal lyrics or logos. They are so dark actually. I had liked them once at my dark age, but I have changed. You can find a lot of free and legal MP3 to download at SoundClick.com and many kinds of bands are there! They are good examples to describe what the Black Metal religion is.

I know an old woman who joined that Thai church after me. She told her real story that she had a son, and she loved him so much. She sent him to a good school in Australia. She did everything for his future and his happiness. Sadly, her son died. She felt very sorry. She told us that she gave everything for her son, but the only thing that she forgot to give him was the most important thing, that was to let him know Lord God. Her words hit my mind then.

God is Brightness, painting of Sw Eden

Many people do love God, and have a good wish. My fault was I hated God at that time. 2008-2009, I have realized that I will be happy just when the whole world is happy. Whatever they believe, it is their right, and it makes them nice, and it makes me happy. Christian is not harmful religion, but Satanism might do. I cannot say that what the real Satanism is, because it may be good thing; but in this world, people who worship Satan always believe and they are bad side, and that is the reason that some of them do bad things.

I love to see all religions in the world can be together without any fighting or trying to be better than others. Some country use the religious to make a war, but the real reason is about territory and money.

Some friends in the church said that I would be survival only if I believed in God, and I did not have to be a nice guy. It was the reason that I did not like Christian at that time, too. Nowadays, when I stand above myself at that age, I can remember many good teaching in Bible very well. Christian or Catholic is not only to love God, but you need to be nice, too. At least, you cannot be selfish to your neighbor.

Nothing in the world is solid bad. Everything has a good part in itself, if just you can find it. Today, you can look at your hated friends, they will have many things for you to learn.

(cc) 2009 – Sw Eden


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MTV2 Rock Battle NYC

Look at whole things here. My set on Flickr

MTV2 and Time Warner Cable Crown
Rock Battle in 2008
Status Green
The Canon Logic
Lights Resolve
Testing for Echo
Kelsey and the Chaos

Lights Resolve got the winner.
When I listen to “Avenue of Criminal” of the band, The Canon Logic; I love it very much. It is a good style between 90’s punk and modern! The tone of Vocalist is so appropriate to this style also.

They did pretty well! See

and also many interview that Panic! at the Disco guys comments to these bands.

You may link to other video in the same day.

You will miss the time of Panic! at the Disco when Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie were together

They were too young, so they do not know what they should have done. They will be more famous if they are together. Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie

The Webster Hall, NYC

Status Green is also the friend of Lights Resolve.

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