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Paradox Thai Bang – Old Theatre (Lyrics translated to Eng)

lyrics เนื้อร้อง : Ittipong “TaTa” Kidakorn na Ayutaya
Music ทำนอง : Ittipong “TaTa” Kidakorn na Ayutaya
Arranged เรียบเรียง : Paradox
Translated แปล : Sw Eden (http://sw-eden.deviantart.com)


I walk pass the old theatre and I am sad.
I always remember, that we had watched the movie together
Today, we are far apart, and the new movie has been on air since yesterday.
You are so happy by holding hand with some other guy.

September 16th, I bend down to dry.
Your married day, it is stuck in my eyes.
You are too much happy, but I regret.
You think he is better, and you walk away so far till I cannot see.

* The high-class boy is so fuckin’ handsome
So you do not have time to visit this boring dog.
You want to famous with your foreign husband, I am so congratulatory,
I will just escape, because of your narrow mind

The poor ugly boy cries with his shovel
You, the cruel girl, how can you hurt this boy.
You forget all our promise, which we will do farm and shovel
You and he live in fabulous apartment, but I stand on this windy field.

( music / * )

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