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Sample Persuasive Business Letter

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October 31,2009

Mr. Vectira Wittaya
Vector Internship
35 Nanimo Street
Bangkok 00IS0-9002, Thailand

Dear Mr. Wittaya

According to your great work in Vector Internship DVD, the real-time performance will be a good opportunity for many audiences to enjoy your music.

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This letter is sample only. You can study it for your homework or real-time letter; but you cannot copy directly from this page.

“Vector People” is my second book for children, and it will be published officially on January 1, 2010. Vectory, the main runner of Vector Internship and you are featured in the book as nice characters. Last June, the first book, “Vector Person” was published at 2,500 copies, and they were sent to the libraries of many schools in Thailand. Vectory has already been the hero of many children, and you are known as the best friend of Vectory.

Proud Public Company Limited and White Eye TV will make a book-introducing event at the main hall of Slip and Korn University, Thailand. Most of audience are managers from various companies and their families, which are their children. They have already known who the characters in the book are by listening to your music online. Unfortunately, they really admire you, although they could not understand your language. One eye-witness is better than many hear says. The hosting companies will provide an hour for your concert at the main hall, and you will have lunch with all audiences. Certainly, both of you will be the super stars of the event.

Moreover, if you look at the back cover of the book, “Vector Person” (the attachment), you will see a list of people who painted in this book. For the upcoming book, “Vector People”, Proud Public Company Limited will be the only one on the back cover. From my release schedule, the third book, “Vector Citizen” will be published in May, 2010. If you are interesting in this charity, you can donate through the bank account of this project, and you will be on the back cover of the third book. You may send me your photo or logo to put on the back cover, if you donate for all copies. The cost is only about ฿20,000 or $600 for 2,000 copies.

Please consider having a good time with your fans in Thailand. I believe that you will never let your fans stand alone. From my perspective, you are the most talented musician in the world, so I wish this event would make the people admire you as I do. Please respond at my address before December 1st, 2009.

Sw Eden
The author

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