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Elie Gamburg a great Architecture professor

an NYIT student in front of NYIT Manhattan Campus 1855 Broadway

I have never taken any class with Prof. Gamberg, but Sw heard a lot of his stories from other friends. He has been known as the best professor for the best students and vice versa. He requires a proper amount of work and its high quality. The lazy student may not like him.

In my opinion, taking a class with Prof. Gamberg should be a good experience for all students. I have passed many design classes and half of them did not required a proper amount of work. In 2009, Sw Eden took a class with a professor, he did not remember that students printed the same things out over and over again every week. He just looked and checked the same old things. Today, I also take a design class. My professor likes students who work hard, but most students do not work that hard. Although he will give a bad grade to those student, Sw Eden still wants to see everyone work at the same amount and the grade is indicated by its quality. This should be the best and the fairest way for all students. Yes, and the way that all student can learn and spend their money correctly.

NYIT Architecture Student at Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, Manhattan, NYC

Sw Eden heard that Prof. Gamberg is just like what I have talked. I would drive all students to work, and grade them by the quality of work. I met him once after his class at night. He was a professor of my group partner. He commented on my model that the box and the weird shape of building spoke different languages. In fact, I did not show him the shape of the skylight which transfer the perpendicular angle to strange angles. Anyway, I would love the professor who gives a lot of work and a lot of critics better than the professor who is lazy. Students paid a lot of money to learn, and they should get what they paid.

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When a student feels bad from his grade.

This is the way to think, and you will be happier than before, when you get bad grade.
. * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * .
Today, I check my grade, and I am not glad.
I did best I could.
I am not such those bad students.
I do not like, “B”, because I tried harder than the one who get “A”.
I feel my professor did not understand my work, because we just stood to look at the same thing on different places.
He may think that I am stupid.
That is the way he stood to see me on the view that he could not see my expression.
On some way or the way I feel, the guy who judge you, is not more clever than you,
but he feels he is,
so he will never feel you are clever.
Different people have different ways to receive and communicate.

At least this vacation, I will have good time with family and friends.
I will have Tusk’s dance all day long.
Sing my songs. Enjoy cold weather in Thailand.
Surely, I am happier than my professor.


This kid may be cleverer than you.
He can walk on water fall better than me.
Not about ages, but Experience.

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