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BOOKOFF NYC Store : Buy rare Japanese CDs and $1 Book

Relocation of Book Off / Carmen Electra, one of my most favorite women. I really like her in Spartan the movie. I always has her in my computer.

MMC Plaza visiting remind me of the new location of Book Off Store which had been at 41st street 5 Ave. Right now, it is at north side of 45th street between 5th and 6th Ave, close to MMC Plaza. Although the new one is bigger, I like the original location better because it was near my useful subway station and my favorite Japanese foodstuff. Sw Eden is Thai, but usually eat Japanese foods in New York City, because it is 2 times cheaper than Thai food. Well, Thai food is the best forever (laugh)! Another reason that I like the original location is my favorite New York Public Library is there. I am not a bookworm, but I love maps and architectures. You can get a free membership there and borrow the book and use internet. For Book-off itself, this location is much much better than the old one. It heads to the target customers which are not only Japanese. Sw saw 75% of customers are White, Black and Latino. Maybe, I am the only Thai customer (laugh). They used to tell me that they do not have a computer database, but they always help me to find the CDs I want. They are pretty nice. I held a CDs list and asked them if I could not read Japanese. If they do not have some available thing, they are not selfish to say advice me to order it from other Japanese Book stores.

The old location of BOOKOFF might become a part of Berkeley College as we can see their flags on it.

Sw Eden does not know why Fool’s Mate really love ancient Visual Kei stuff. They still have those bands on cover. I guess they might think that they have grown up with those bands.

Kenji is my friend who suggested me to be a BOOKOFF customer 2 years ago. He is a Thai food consumer, too. He is very cute, and in my last semester (now), he is a group partner. He listed all the Japanese CDs stores in NYC for me, and BOOKOFF is the only one which works for me. I usually looked for rare CDs about my only favorite Japanese band, Zi:Kill. Right now, there is no reason to find Zi:Kill things in there anymore, because I got almost stuff I need already (laugh). Like, today, I went there just after MMC Plaza, I walked directly to letter, ‘K’ and looked for ‘Ken’. I totally forgot that all Ken’s solo albums were sent to my home in Thailand already (I have extra Ken – Joke and Ken – Who Am I? because I got them before, and when I tried to order Ken – Drill, they were sold as whole set. If you need Joke and Who Am I? please comment below. Price included worldwide shipping $25 per each.). I just laughed at myself, and looked for some impossible things such ‘CryBaby’. Some albums of Craze, Buck-Tick, Der Zibet (civet is my fav animal, but I hate the actual cat.), Glay are in the $1-$3 shelf. Go take them if you like. You may meet me with short pants, soccer socks, sneakers and a rucksack (laugh).

BookOff CDs and Book Store NYC, New location at 45 street between 5 and 6 Ave / 2 blocks from Time Square BOOKOFF New York Store Set on Flickr

The room is much bigger. ^^ BOOKOFF New York Store Set on Flickr

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