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Who is real Satan? answer

**Warning from Author : Please consider before believe, I do not want to be harmful for the religion. All are only my opinion.

This blog got re-written by me, Sw Eden, because I considered that the old version is dangerous for Christian and Catholic. I just want to be peaceful to every religion right not. Many times that Bible cannot be perfect by translating, so people need to know more of Hebrew and Greek. The Bible which I had read and picked some verses out is New Testament in English version.

I did read the old testament, too, and I found that a chapter of Prince of Tyre, who most people call him, Lucifer or Satan. The word of “Satan” is “The Opposite Side”. In my opinion, Price of Tyre who fell from the heaven as the Morning Star is not bad. My dear friend said that this devil was not ugly, but very beautiful. He got a punishment which was worms in his body. The New Testament talks about worms again in the “Act”. When Herod King saw an angel, he got worm in himself, too. (read Act 12:1 – Act 13:23) It is my opinion that “Angel” was the Prince of Tyre, who still served God in different ways from other angel. Prince of Tyre can be a symbol to show that God is great and bright. People will never understand what the brightness is, if they do not know the darkness. All people I talked about are all nice.

For St. Peter, he was the most prominent disciple in the twelve. Jesus called him, “Cephas” (John 1:42). Cephas is “Stone”, which means that he will be the stone to build up the religion after Jesus went to the heaven. And Simon Peter did it for Jesus. “But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you (Luck 6:27).” St. Peter will do all nice things for Jesus.

Jesus on Cross

“Did I not choose you; the twelve, and one of you is a devil (John 6:70).” Most people understand that Judas was the devil, because he was the betrayer. NYtimes newspaper talked about this case in April 6, 2006, that Judas got asked by Jesus to betray. I asked a Christian teacher in the Church that I always went to in 2006, and he told me that this might be possible, because if Judas did not do, Jesus would not be able to delete the sin for us. I talked about this in the Webboard of a Catholic School, and people railed me that it was just an ugly piece of paper. That was impolite to me.

The verse that made me curious that St. Peter or Simon Peter was Satan is Matthew 16:23, “But He turned and said to Peter, ‘Get behind me, Satan! for you are mindful of things of God, but the things of men.'” Jesus really called Peter, “Satan” at that moment. If Judas was really nice as NYtimes news, the only devil might be St. Peter. I cannot say much, but all are nice to Jesus and God. Another point that made me curious is in Act 5:1-5:11. The Testament did not say that Ananius and Sapphira died because of who. God is kind to people in the time of New Testament, so He should not kill both them.

An important point that Anti-Christ people always think about St. Peter is his upside down cross. The feeling of St. Peter was so nice that he was very humble. You can find out about this thing more. A lot of people wrote about this cross.

The only problem that lead to the Revelation is bad people in real-time world – People you see on the street -. Although the Prince of Tyre is not bad, people create their own Satan to believe in. They tried to against their God, only they think that it is cool to be strange. American people always have the belief that more strange is more cool. If you just look at The Church of Satan, do you feel that it is real or Satan should be other things.

The beginning of the Old Testament, Genesis said that the first of all things was brightness and darkness above the water. You can just guess that what the brightness is and what the darkness is, and the water is the connection of all elements in the world. Bible is full of symbol, and it is not directly as some other people try to teach you with those words. You should aware people who will pull you out from your belief. But if you change it by yourself as my friend did, that means you do the right thing.

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Forgive the Red Kids


The kids who much love the father. The kids who had had father’s photos on top of their houses. The kids who cried to glorify the father. Do they still love their father?

The Red raise the posters, which are written in France and English, although they cannot read those languages. People said, the Red got paid 1000 – 3000 baths ($30-$90) a day to hail for something they really did not know. They are kids, and we should forgive them. They do not know that they hail for the rebel. They got paid and they do it without thinking. Just like the act of the kids. A bad adult gives them the money to buy a sweet candy, and their teeth get decayed. They love that adult, and they do not know why they have decayed teeth. As good adults, we should forgive them, and give them a chance to be nice kids again.

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Thailand, to Get Together

We, Thailand

The history has already taught us. Many of us still do not understand the history. All Thai people has learned Thai history since grade 1.

Thailand had lost the liberty in 1767, because of the discord inside the country. A noble man and a little number of solider escaped from the city to the plan to fight again. Myanmar took All Thai gold from Thai palace in the old capital, Ayutthaya. The noble man and those soldiers fought more than 5 groups of people who needed to be the king. The nobleman beat them and made them to be harmony. Then all Thai people get the liberty back from Myanmar.

Nowadays, Thailand cannot get to together so well. We are yellow and red. A bad guy red them by his dirty money. Thailand lost the unity, because of this bad guy, too. Some poor people lost the love to our king, because of this bad money, too.

So now we can see, what we should do. Do anything to get the unity back to our country. We do not have to fight until one dies, but we have to fight to get all people to be unity! Make Thailand stronger! The history has already taught us, what to do next.

See! the unity of the ants
Black Ant s with egg s

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