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Relationship between Employees & Managers in Thailand & USA

The relationships between employees and managers in Thailand and the United States (in Ehrenreich’s article) are very different. Because of Thai traditions and current economy, the managers cannot do anything they want. In most Thai company or shop, people who work in treat each other more like family than in United State. Managers are also not the most important thing that the companies have. In Thailand, the companies have some tests for new employees, but it is not as serious as in the United States.

Thai managers are more considerate of their employees than US’ managers. Indeed most Thai people are considerate of everybody. They did not feel that they are the best or bigger than the others. They did not think that their employees are something which can be played and can be changed or kicked out whenever they want as in the US in article by Ehrenreich. All Thai managers want their employees to love them because the employees will be able to work very well with their mind, and the employees will write about them nicely in checking form that effects a lot in career of the employees. In important feast days such as New Year until both their birthdays, the employees and managers will give some presents to each other, and the presents that employees give to their employees have to be more worthy because of their seniority. If considering about seniority, the managers have to respect their employees who are older than them.

In the United State, the managers try to find something wrong in their employees and retire them because there are many people need job, and then it is very easy to find the new one. In Thailand, the managers cannot find something wrong in employees easily. Thai society hates that behavior so much. If many people know that some manager does, they will be anti and force until that manager cannot do anymore. There is a real case that a Thai manager tried to find something wrong in their employees by the videotape. The result was that manager got accused and had to pay for their employees in allegation, breaking human privacy.

It seems like in the United State, the employees get retired very easily, but in Thailand, the managers are easier to get retired. I believe that nowadays every country has the same problem about weak economy. Many people in every country also do not have job. In Thailand and the united state do not have the same group of people who need the job, maybe because Thailand is agriculture country and United State is industrial country. Most employees are not rich people. In Thailand, this group of people can be both in company or work in their own farm. In United States, there are many people from many races live so they cannot own some large land, then; they have no job to do. They need to work in some businesses that were own by someone else. It means in Thailand, the employees do not need to care about their employers, but in United State the employees have to care. With weak economy in Thailand, all companies do not want to pay expensive salary for every employee includes the manager. Entrepreneur will check how successful of the managers’ work. If they cannot work well, they will get two warning before get retired. Then the entrepreneur will select the best employee to be next managers. This is the way that the entrepreneur can pay less than before because the old manager who worked for long, he or she got high salary, but for the new one who just work in this position, will be happy just with the salary and position that better than regular employees.

In Thailand, there are some tests in pre-employment, too, but not chemical and electronic testing of snooping and drug testing as in the United State. Thai companies do not serious about disease or health. Most Thai companies need the resume (profile?) and need to check some biography. They do not want the people who get retired before and the people who had been in jail or do some criminal. I believe that this case is the same as in US companies. Only some companies in Thailand that need serious test especially the color blind. People who have this syndrome cannot work in many companies such as medical company, Engineer Company, Food Company and also Science Company.

In this article, I totally believe that if you are a manager, you will want to be in the United State, and if you are an employee, you will want to be in Thailand. In my opinion, there are many companies in the united state that are already being in standard. The managers have to work on their work and do not need to find something wrong on their employees. Everybody can be retired not because of the others’ effect, but because of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that the entrepreneur will know how that employees or managers are.

All words and photos by Sw Eden


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