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Sample Cover Letter

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Sw Eden

369 36 Street, 6 Ave, Bronx Wood Heaven, NY 30353, USA
216-319-2471, sw_eden@myspace.com
August 27, 2010

Mr. Larger Verylarge
Co-creator of Happy 3 Fiends
66 Horror Street
American’s Suiteheart
Brooklyn, NY 14107

Dear Mr. Verylarge:

Your advertisement and its description for an animator, appearing August 13 via “NYCseeYa” a chapter of Happy 3 Fiends animation, parallels my interests and qualifications perfectly.

© All rights reserved : Sw Eden
This letter is sample only. You can study it for your homework or real-time letter; but you cannot copy directly from this page.

With my background of art and design, I am confident that I could make a successful studio assistant. While I do not have any graphic design degree, I do have a lot of artwork produced by graphic design program and animation program, as seen in my public work on my Flickr and Youtube accounts, included many Macromedia Flash drawings/videos, Illustrator drawings and 3ds renderings/videos. My non-profit entertainment project is also relevant to the project of Happy 3 Fiends, that is, “216 Ways to Kill Cats”. I have gained a big number of teenage audiences which is more than 30,000 page views.

You can follow these URLs to preview my work in the same style as Happy 3 Fiends:


To kill something cute in the movie is a very good idea of your company which I need to follow. Happy 3 Fiends has been one of my most favorite websites and products since it was established in 1987. I have been performed as your good fan since then, as I can draw all characters of Happy 3 Fiends animation without looking at your original drawings. Moreover, my mouse-controlling skill on Macromedia Flash suits your needs for studio assistance, that is I can draw directly on the computer and no need to have a pencil sketch.

My resume is attached, and you can know more about my experience. Lastly, I would like to say, thank you for your valuable time of consideration. I look forward to speaking with you, so you can reach me anytime by my cell phone, I-2I6-EI9-247I. I would appreciate to have an opportunity to talk with you to see how my qualification and my experience could be the greatest benefit to your company.

Sw Eden

Sw Eden 216 Ways to Kill Cat
216 Ways to Kill Cat : Set on Flickr
216 Ways to Kill Cat : on Myspace


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Sample of Request Letter

This letter is sample only. You can study it for your homework or real-time letter; but you cannot copy directly from this page.

©2009 – Sw Eden

30 Borough Road
Bangkok 10163

October 31, 2009

Mr. William Martin
School of Architecture and Design
New York Introduction of Technology
1633 Broadway
New York City, NY 11301

Dear, professor Martin

It will be very helpful if you update your website (http://nyitstructures.org) at the first day that the homework is assigned.

According to your course syllabus, the students need to upload the assignments through the website, and if the students submit them one day late, their scores will be minus 10%. For the previous month, you always updated your upload tool on the website in the late afternoon of the due date of assignment. Many times, you request extra paper, which you did not tell us to do in the class period. Your class is done at 9pm, so it is hard for us to finish everything before the midnight, especially for some students like me, who take another class on Tuesday morning, and I need to go to sleep earlier on Monday night.

Last semester, Spring 2009, I took a structure class with you, and you always updated all assignments very early in every week. I really appreciated that, and other students told me that they liked your system, too. Many students keep registering for your classes in higher levels, because of your great work. You are known as one of the best professors in architecture school of NYIT. Please do not disappoint us this semester.

Sw Eden
Student in Arch-310

Ken Zi:Kill is not only called, “The Best Guitarist in the world, but he is also called, “Guitar God”


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