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Panic! at Where is the Ryan?

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I may post this a little late for you who are their fans, but it is my time to be on my blog, after my stormic summer.

Ryan Ross only said, he and Urie Brendon liked the different type of music. But both like music. This case is much better than one likes soccer and another like architecture. So the reason Ryan gave will never be the true reason.

Ryan’s style is about Las Vegas. He showed where he was from throw the show in the Panic! at the Disco’s moment. He brought all his hometown things to be on stage, that is a big different than almost all American boy band. Moreover, he wrote strange music with surrealistic and symbolic lyrics. And all of those also did not related to the surrealistic and symbolic music video. Like, all are different story, but making in the same type of art. That means whole stuff were made by the genius.

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The first album and the second album of Panic! at the Disco are frankly and freakly different in music, lyrics and art-album. I had waited to see the third album of old-school Panic! at the Disco. I was pretty sure that the third would be super different from the first and the second.

From the 3rd paragraph, the thing I need to attend is perfect multi-media artworks in one piece. I do not know the future of Panic! at the Disco with Urie Brendon and Spencer Smith, that I will see the great artwork or just a regular American teenagers which I can find anywhere on the street.

And I am also not sure that Ryan Ross will continue doing the same kind of things or he may feel, he needs to change the idea in The Young Veins. Anyway, I like their first song. I will try to catch up.

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The most important thing in every band is the song writer, especially the music writer, and idea creator. If I do like any song, the first one, I will praise is the music writer. Music is something that people around the world can understand in their own personal way. But the lyric do not act like that. If I listen to a Latin song, I know the emotion from the music/melody (also included the melody of vocal, which is composed by the music writer, too), not the lyrics.

In the word of “Taking Responsibility”, that people used for Urie Brendon and Spencer Smith. Is that mean Ryan Ross and Jon Walker have no responsibility? The new fans, who just like them after the break-up, will go to the original band’s name for sure. So that means Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith already hold the original famousness in their hands. Moreover Urie Brendon have advantage over Ryan Ross, because he got more fangirls, and they like the over-acting performance.

It is no matter what I do think, but I hope they will be friends as same as before soon. In fact, most of the bands, that make the big money will not break up. I wanted to attend their live show in my last year of Undergraduate student in New York. Right now, it is just a daydream.

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Ryan n’ Ross The Talented Artist

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Ryan Ross is one of my most favorite musicians and artists. His idea about the video in his time of Panic! at the Disco is surrealistic, and to show how his hometown, Las Vegas look like. Although he is very young, but he is full of talent. I am a guy with same age as him, and I dare to say that Ryan Ross is the genius.

He turned out from Panic! at the Disco to founded a new band called, The Young Veins with his friend, Jon Walker. In fact, he was a founder of Panic! at the Disco, and also the lyrics and music composer. This means most part of first and second album of Panic! at the Disco was created by him.

In my self-opinion, I need to see Ryan Ross hold Panic! at the Disco rather than Urie Brendon and Spencer Smith. I pass my eyes around Myspace, and I found that the girls appreciate Urie Brendon more than Ryan Ross.

The Tone of Urie Brendon is about to make people excited, and also over-acting on the stage. That is the way to gain a lot of interesting from fans. Ryan Ross is different. He acts very silent or more polite in another words. His voice tone is in the same way as his songs. I feel that it is the revival of ancient music in modern way. That is what I really like. There are not so a lot of this kinds of artist in the world.

I made this painting up and try to put it in Ryan Ross’ real style. It is my idea, and it is new actually, but I tried to think about Ryan Ross’ theme.

I need to say that it is no matter how old he is, how old I am; I admire people from their creativity and their intelligence. If Ryan Ross was younger than me about 10 years, I still liked his work.

In my language, that I usually talk to my friends who are younger that me; I will never call him, “kid”, “girl” or “chick”. I consider that last couple years, I had the same age as he/she, and how much I was better than them when I was in that age. Most people have 99.99% the same. If those younger people grow up, they may cleverer than me or you.

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