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If L’Arc~en~Ciel is really suck,…

feature on “216 Ways to Kill Cat” by Sw Eden

Sw Eden, me, knew about L’Arc~en~Ciel first time in 1999 or when I was 10 years old. I tbought they had 2 female members which were Hyde and Tetsu. I started to listen to their music intensively when I was 13. There was only a few classmates who liked the same music. Many people said that their music was too loud and they would hate to hear. The L’Arc~en~Ciel lovers still love to turn on their music so load when they brought their friends to home. I always heard about that complaint.

For this band, I bought almost all their albums. When I put it in my parent’s car, and wherever at home, everyone would ask me to turn the tuner down. They all got a headache. I was so confident that I got the albums of the best band, but right now, I am not sure if I was blind when I was young. All people all have a good taste of music, but not L’Arc~en~Ciel. One of their album that I still like is “True”. I agreed with Kwan, my friend on the bus, that L’Arc~en~Ciel’s things got worse in Smile album, and they went better again in Awake. After the album “Awake”, I have never bought any of their CD anymore. In fact, it was the time that I went to the United States, and I found out new types of music fit into me.

Yukihiro with Poster colors by Sw Eden

Tetsu will not love you if you say “L’Arc~en~Ciel suck”, although many people in my country do not like it, and I confirm that they have a good taste of music. Their favorite artists are not suck.

I found an translated interview by Natalie Arnold on http://dekiruhito.com/node/198 from BASS Magazine – December 2007
Let’s read this short part.

Q : You don’t need to get closer to them?
Tetsu : For example, if we were to take someone who thinks “L’Arc~en~Ciel totally sucks, their songs are no good”, and ask that person “So what kind of music do you like, then?” we could hear their answer. Then we might listen to that music and see if we get it or not. Then we might go “Ah, it’s actually this kind of music that sucks, not us” (laughs), so we don’t need to get close to that person. It’s like “Go ahead, say whatever you want.”

I just guess from my own perspective, if it was Hyde, Hyde might feel depressed somehow, of he might go to listen to that music, and try to improve himself. When Hyde went to the game show/TV show, you could see his character there. He always smiles and has a positive point of view. He is fun, anyway.

Tusk and Hide (as Seth et Holth)

One of my high-school friend who was called “Bowling” asked me if I liked L’Arc~en~Ciel. I said, “Yes, but all other people in the school push X-Japan into me.” They did not even know what the L’Arc~en~Ciel was. They were the genius science students, the top of whole country with 123+ IQ. Only Japanese band they knew from the news is X Japan, and they did not like it, too. They listened to Mozart/Beethoven and Orchestra things and also Thai music. I was only the J-Rock person in this fantastic school, and my grade went down pretty bad. I just hope it was not related. But from the research, Mozart’s music can develop the children’s brain, and it should be true. I love his fast and fun melody, and I could play drum along with it. His music does not work with my brain so well. I do not relax, because I naturally catch the piano note.

I will relate everything to my favorite Zi:Kill. Most of Zi:Kill and Ken’s songs always have a little lovely piano melody behind the sound of vocal. If you do not really concentrate on it, you may need to tune it very loud to hear this lovely part. Ken is so talented on song arrangement. the combination of all instruments is totally perfect. You must listen to it. You can listen to them here http://www.playlist.com/playlist/19139456523 (Notice : They are all low quality with 56-96kbps, and most of them are just half of the songs. To listen to full songs with good quality, you need to buy their releases at CDjapan.com, just $23 per CD!! Love them, support them!!)

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Human Cloning and Moral

Nowaday, there are many technologies were created by scientists for both positive and negative ways. People can identify both them which is good and which is bad very clearly. For the example, we can say that the development of war weapons is bad and the development of medicine is good. For cloning, it is very hard to say it is good or bad, or wrong or right. Both scientists and critics always argure together about moral and human right of cloning.

Cloning is good for healing some deseases in fetus. If we know that mother and father have genetic problem and their baby will be deformed, cloning can help them to solve this problem in their baby. This is their nice wishing so it should not be wrong in moral. In the book of Ivan Semeniuk, “After Dolly : The Uses And Misuses Of Human Cloning”, he mentioned about a case that mother did not know about her genetic problem before having a baby. When she knew from her first baby, she wanted to have a baby without deforming. If she already had both baby, she may love the cloned baby who was perfect more than her first deformed baby. This would be the problem for her family especially at her first baby.

To clone a human may be to kill that human if there are some mistake. People who want the scientist to clone their baby have to spend a lot of money for the precess so no one need the mistake. If the scientist makes some mistake in the fetus, the only way to do with fetus is killing. I am sure that the parents who spend that much money want only perfect child as in the promise. To make the stem cell is a kind of cloning, but it is cloning of some part of body. The stem cell can grow to be human, but the scientist puts some protien to stop it and gives it to the one who pay for it such as a disable guy who want a leg. This is a kind of killing by stopping the stem cell to grow to be human and give it to belong to someone.

For first two reasons that i mentioned about is the problem about family and wrong thing in moral. There are also many people talk about it in religion way. Barbara MacKinnon wrote in her book, “Human Cloning” that opponents claim that cloning subverts dignity, makes a mockery of spousal love, and poses serious safety hazards. In my opinion, I do not think this is such a thing that is very important about having a child by one person. If I do not want to marry or I cannot find a good man for my life, but I really want a child, I should have my right to have a child who was cloned from me. Or if both husband and wife want to have a perfect child, they should be able to have because to create a perfect child is good for both parent and the child himself. For the book of Ivan Semeniuk, he wrote that there are many Roman Catholic Church against the human cloning, but there are only some church that allow the scientist to do.

This is my adding if I do not talk about moral or human right. There are good and bad results. Because science prove need elaborating results, I think about if they clone the mouses for their lab and all mouses are the same clone, the result of that lab will be very correct. For criminal, he can clone some part of the manager of a bank such as eyes or thumb print to hack to the bank’s system and steal the money.

We all know there are good and bad result about the cloning so the only way to solve this problem is setting some law for controlling it. For the example, if the mother already has a child, she cannot clone another child. Another person cannot clone someone who do not want to be cloned. Anyway, people always break the law as we can see in every country around the world that there are many crimes. To setting some laws may be the good way to work with this problem, but there will be someone break it. Right now, who knows if there are some scientists already cloned a human.

Article and Photos by Sw Eden (สว อิเฎล)

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Spooky Kids Live in MWit

M. Tienteera is a step mother of 8 Spooky Kids. Spooky Kids are John 5, Skold, Twiggy, Zim Zum, Sara, Daisy, Ginger Fish and Gacy. All live together peacefully. M. Tienteera gaives a bird-rabbit doll to Twiggy, but John steals it from Twiggy. M. Tienteera rail John, and John are angry, then John escapes from the house. M. Tienteera asks Skold to bring John back to home, because she grasps that they can share that doll together.

Skold starts to find John around many places (located in Mahidol University and Mahidol Wittayanusorn School). John hides around tables, refrigerator, playground, garbage, earth jar, etc. This is as same as Daisy (the dog) try to find Zim Zum.

Once Skold can catch John into a bottle, but Bong (a boy) pours John out, and John escapes again. At last, Skold finds John again and eats John. Skold vomits John out in their home. John tries to find M. Tienteera around the many closets. John does not have anything to do, so John dances with Balloon song by Paradox! John waits at a table, and M. Tienteera comes with that doll with bad smell. Everyone inhales it and dies because of super awful smell. Zimzum is still alive because he is not with them.

Director : Proud / Daw
Photgrapher/Video capture : Proud / Daw
Movie Maker/Anima : Proud
Actors : M. Tienteera (aka M. Tienteera), Daw (aka John 5). Proud (aka Skold), Apple (aka Twiggy), May (aka Sara), Kom-Prun (aka Zim Zum), Hearing ear – Hanging eat (aka Daisy), A. Bua (aka Ginger Fish) and A. Ping-Pong (aka Gacy)
Other Actors : A. Wasin, Ping /5, House Maid, A. Pare, Tong U, P. Bong, all buffaloes, lizard and all dogs
Locations : Mahidol Wittayanusorn School and Dormitory, Mahidol University (Salaya Campus)

Songs :
Don’t Let You Go by Potato
Balloon by Paradox
In the End and Pushing My Away by Linkin’ Park
Week End and Rose of Pain by X Japan
Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne
Now or Never and Take You the Best Shot by Dope
White Wedding by Murderdolls
I Will Follow Him
Prosthetics by Slipknot
Hitomi no Jyunin by L’Arc en Ciel
Mado by Makoto
This is the New Shit by Marilyn Manson
Omoide Aruki by Psycho le Cemu

One of the places in this movie, and Daw (aka John) is in there.
Mahidol University

All are made and worked for charity.

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Thai Elephant should not be allowed to walk in the city

Every winter, many American and European visit Thailand as tourists. Many of them stay longer than a month. Many of those countries have their own town in Thailand. Not only China Town which is famous in here, but Thailand also has Swedish Town, Portuguese Town and etc. My parent’s friend, who is working on a Thai resort, told my parent that the thousands of Swedese live around her place. From my eyes and from my heart, I dare to say that those foreigners love Thailand more than many Thais do.

The Elephant is a prominent and permanent identity of Thailand. Thai people should be proud of it. No one can steal this identity from Thailand. Let’s turn some pages of a newspaper, and we can see that Philippino want Thai boxing to be theirs; and some country wants the copyright of Thai jasmine rice. These are the reasons that Thai people should really protect the elephants from danger and extinction. The elephants should not be allowed to walk in the city, because of the inappropriate environment, the dangerous traffic and the harmful construction.

Most Thai people think that the extinction of Thai elephants cannot come true, because Thailand has plenty of elephants. They are right that Thai Elephants are more plentiful than in other countries, but they are much less plentiful than in Thailand in the past. Mr. Wanchai Asawawibulkij showed, “There were 100,000 elephants in the country in 1900 and only about 4,000 today. Of these, only about 1,500 live in the wild, and their numbers are decreasing by 5 to 10 percent annually (Schroeder 25).” if the Thai government still continues to allow the elephants to walk in the city, the number of elephants will decease faster than just 5 to 10 percent.

Naturally, elephants are big wild animals. Surely, they need to breed in the forests that have natural environment for them. A female elephant spends over 20 months in pregnancy, and elephants do not breed so often. “Normally, a female elephant will begin to show readiness to mate when it is approximately 15 – 16 years old. This will last until age of 50 – 55 years (Thailand Elephant)”, although its life is 80 years old. The city’s environment is not appropriate for elephants’ breeding. Imagine, if 1,000 elephants were in the city. If those 1,000 elephants did not breed, we might not know the decrease in the short term, because elephants have longevity. If this generation of elephants had gone, we would not have any elephants after that time. The numbers that Mr. Wanchai Asawawibulkij showed can change fast if there are too many elephants in the city.

Elephants do not only have breeding troubles in the city, the elephants are also endangered on the street. Douglas H Chadwick from National Geographic magazine also wrote that, “Forced to walk long distances to reach city centers each day, the elephants get sick from breathing exhaust fumes, drinking polluted water, and having to snatch meals from trash-filled ditches (Chadwick 98).” Most elephants that are hit from the cars, die because of their big size and the small number of elephant veterinarian. The pain of a big animal such as an elephant is harder to cure than that of small animals, like birds or dogs. Most veterinary students study just for dogs and cats. In Thailand, there are not enough veterinarians who can cure the elephants. Worse than that, there is the only one veterinarian who is an expert. That is Dr. Alongkorn Mahannop. Dr. Alongkorn always has to travel around many places in Thailand, whenever the elephants are sick or in pain. I cannot imagine if he retired, because now he is 57 years old (Thammasat Lib.). Thai people have named him, “the doctor of all aimless elephants”.

While elephants are walking on the street, they really bother the traffic. When elephants’ owners bring the elephants to walk on the street, that is the time they make all drivers hate elephants. This should not be happening, because all Thai people should love elephants. The elephant is a big animal, and walks slowly. The width of an elephant is already one lane of the street. Most streets in Thailand have only two to three lanes. The left lane that elephants use to walk is the lane for the buses and motorcycles. This lane is already busy with those vehicles, and in even busier, because it is the connection between the main street and the small side roads. The reason that the elephants’ owners let their elephants walk on this lane, so that people can enjoy their elephants more easily. Many times, the elephants stop to play with people who pay at feed them. The cars will beep to them long and loudly. That should not happen! The elephant is a very lovely animal.

While the elephants walk in the city, not only them who get hurt from the cars, the humans also can get hurt from the elephants. The city loses control on the people who come to see the elephant. Everybody can touch the elephants freely. Thai elephants are friendly, but they may be in musth sometimes. “The musth in the male elephant can be observed easily. Before a male elephant will be in musth, it will be drowsy, sometimes ferocious and also out of control. It tries to break out of the chain binding and hurts other elephants and persons that it is surrounded by; even its mahout (Thailand Elephant)”. Financial Times reported that, “A young British tourist was killed by an elephant at a Thai resort. Her father and sister were also wounded as they tried to help her (Financial Times 1)”. And also, All friendly animals can harm people when people treat them badly. For this habit, there is nothing different between an elephant and a dog. A video which available on Seedang.com showed, that a drunk guy used a hook to hit an elephant’s head, and the elephant was angry and kill him. The police and other people could not get him out from the elephant. They tried to use fruits and food to induce the elephant. When people could take that drunk man out, the elephant became mad and destroy a car and trees (Daikin News 2007). If elephants are in the right place, where the security guard can check the people who visit elephants, both humans and elephants will be secure.

Before the government makes a law to forbid the elephants from walking in the city, they should know where those elephants will be, and how to feed them. In fact, the elephants’ owners bring the elephant to walk on the street to get the money, because they are poor, and they have to feed the elephant every day. “Adult Elephants eat about 300 pounds of food each day (Library on the Web)”. Bringing the elephant into the city is their only way to get enough money for their elephants. Many elephants’ owners have had the elephants since they were born. If the government can prepare both habitat and food for all elephants in the city, they have to spend a lot of money. The money comes from a tax on all citizens. Surely, some citizens will disagree. They will think they do not get anything from the elephants, so why do they have to pay for them?

The elephants cause very big income for Thailand. In every November, the elephant festival in Surin makes 50-million bahts from foreigners. The people who get that money are folk that used to be poor. If the government pays for elephants, it is the way they disperse the money from the rich to the poor. In the long term, if the poor became middle class people, Thailand will become the developing country. This show that the elephants are very important to the future of the nation.

One of the most important reasons that Thai government should make this law is elephants have been the most important animals since 1,000 years ago. All Thai ancient kings had to have the elephants for their prestige. Catching the elephants was the most popular sport for Thai ancient kings, too. Thailand’s original flag was not like the current Thai flag. Thailand’s original flag was red with a white elephant in the middle. More than that, an ancient carving stone which was made in Sukothai Royal era, over 1,000 years ago, included a story of Thai people’s life about selling working elephants (Sawasdee Magazine). This proof proves that Thai peole’s life and elephants have been closed and cannot be torn apart.

Now, Thai people should just think about this idea to make a law. They may announce how bad and how harmful the city is to the elephants. They may talk about how elephants’ walking in the city may leads to the elephants’ extinction sooner. All Thai educated people are waiting for new hope of the country. That is the time to change the neglected elephants to be the regel elephants as they had been before.

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