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Beinecke Library at Yale

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“Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library” is the full name of Beinecke Library.

Sw Eden, me, visited Beinecke Library at Yale about 2-3 times, and this sounds not that much for those Yale people. I am in New York City, and without a car. Sw had to take the railroad to get to there. Firstly, if you are in the same place as me, just go to Grand Central, and buy a ticket to go to New Heaven. It is about 2 hours in the train, so you can have a lot of fun to write and to read the stuff.

The one who love this architecture so much is my professor, William Martin. He suggested to to went there. First time, I could not get to the place, because Beinecke Library is hidden behind the original library (which is wonderful with ancient style of architecture). I could find it in my second visiting. So! if you plan to go there, just Google Map now! As an architecture student, I could not to let this opportunity go, and it is the reason of the second visit. Structure is 4-pin-joint supports at 4 corners of base, to support all facade. And in the middle core, is supported by the small columns inside.

William Martin, the first guy on the left

The most interesting thing for me is the translucent facade, and all the concrete panels as frames. I went to a class at Silpakorn University, Thailand in the time that I didn’t take any credit there, and I heard a Thai professor talked about this architecture. He said that the foundation of the drop-down part in front of the library was made by sand, so whole architecture will be protected from earthquake. I have never heard on any other places, but it sounds so cool.

To play solid and void for whole building and the ground in the front of it.

“Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library” is the full name of Beinecke Library. Gordon Bunshaft who is the architect for this cool building play about floating. Because it is for rare books, so it have to be over protecting. Inside the fantastic marble box, it has a glass box with many books, which keep the unique temperature and moisture of the air. When we walk outdoor, we will not be able to see the entrance under there. Sw feels like the building floating out from the ground, and the glass box floating between the whole marble milky way.

Finally, if you are near there (not more than 4 hour traveling), you must go there once in your life! It is worth to go, and it is cool to see, then you will be a super hot guy as my favorite professor who loves this library.

Floating glass box in the middle with different structure system

Gallery between the marble facade and the glass box. It became a small nice museum.

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Cardboard Bridge Structure of William Martin

I took the first structure class of William Martin at NYIT after I dropped the old structure class when I was with Prof. Rondo Imas. Imas time is hard for me to do many credits, but Imas is great actually. After the first class, I always took structure classes with William Martin, until the last structure class, Advance Structure II. The early classes, we learned a lot of calculations, and a lot of methods. The last class is different. We design the bridge, and we vote to build the real scale of one bridge.

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Straw Structure as the attempt

William Martin cheered my design a lot, but I left 2 points to win the vote. I know that my bridge would work in the real time. There is no problem on it. If I got the most vote, I will never learn more things to solve the problem. My partner who work on the basement said that people selected to one which had most problem. When the whole class finished building the cardboard tube bridge, William Martin cracked the bridge when he stood on it. He said, he would be the first one who tried, because he had life insuarance. At the end of this semester, he said that the bridge supported itself, but not the people. I am sad that we cannot finish it. When I did not get most vote, I found myself wanted to learn to solve the problem as the real architect life. Right now, problem cannot be solved. William Martin may let us continue the work in next semester, but I will not have a lot of time. I just want to graduate then.

Drill Cardboard with Drilling Machine

Before we built the final bridge, I designed a way to solve the problem, and other friends did, too. I do not know the reason that we have to keep the original design to make to real bridge. Why don’t we change a little bit, just add some more tubes, and we will have fun with pizza on the bridge. Not only my idea which could work, but also many friends’ idea I like.

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Drill Cardboard Bridge while building process

“Alright Alright Slow Down”, I would listen to The Academy Is… , then. Bridge can support itself, but not for the people, that is not wrong. I am an artist, and also an architecture student. Architecture is the artwork which people can be in it. If the bridge cannot have people on it, then it became artwork. It is a good thing. Right now, I already love it. There is no water or river for us, but it is our bridge.

Combine stuff we have to make the full scale bridge

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