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Ryan n’ Ross The Talented Artist

Ryan n’ Ross, originally uploaded by Sw Eden.

Ryan Ross is one of my most favorite musicians and artists. His idea about the video in his time of Panic! at the Disco is surrealistic, and to show how his hometown, Las Vegas look like. Although he is very young, but he is full of talent. I am a guy with same age as him, and I dare to say that Ryan Ross is the genius.

He turned out from Panic! at the Disco to founded a new band called, The Young Veins with his friend, Jon Walker. In fact, he was a founder of Panic! at the Disco, and also the lyrics and music composer. This means most part of first and second album of Panic! at the Disco was created by him.

In my self-opinion, I need to see Ryan Ross hold Panic! at the Disco rather than Urie Brendon and Spencer Smith. I pass my eyes around Myspace, and I found that the girls appreciate Urie Brendon more than Ryan Ross.

The Tone of Urie Brendon is about to make people excited, and also over-acting on the stage. That is the way to gain a lot of interesting from fans. Ryan Ross is different. He acts very silent or more polite in another words. His voice tone is in the same way as his songs. I feel that it is the revival of ancient music in modern way. That is what I really like. There are not so a lot of this kinds of artist in the world.

I made this painting up and try to put it in Ryan Ross’ real style. It is my idea, and it is new actually, but I tried to think about Ryan Ross’ theme.

I need to say that it is no matter how old he is, how old I am; I admire people from their creativity and their intelligence. If Ryan Ross was younger than me about 10 years, I still liked his work.

In my language, that I usually talk to my friends who are younger that me; I will never call him, “kid”, “girl” or “chick”. I consider that last couple years, I had the same age as he/she, and how much I was better than them when I was in that age. Most people have 99.99% the same. If those younger people grow up, they may cleverer than me or you.

Sw Eden

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