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4 different contexts

Original Image from Kaan, one of my best friend in Flickr

Question from daisey6265, a really nice/lovely friend in Flickr

On 12 Mar 09, 12.56AM PDT daisey6265 said:

I saw your comment on Kaan’s photo. I am wondering if you are an art professor. Also, wanted to know exactly what you mean’t. Did you mean shopped?


Wow, I saw my comment on that photo is right next to yours.

“just only line with light

If I am art prof, I will say the photo got divide to be 4 layers with rhythms.
Smooth and texture, then smooth and then texture.
you can see for sure. ”

first, blur your eyes a little bit, and forget the context of the things in the photo.

You will see perfectly 4 different piece, laying on horizontal.
1 = sky
Sky is smooth with cloud (the only regular animal is bird)
2 = town
Town is the only line with light
A lot of people live in there
In that photo, its seem to have only people, not any wild animal
The texture, seems like diamond or gold with shining things, sth.
3 = water
Water is totally plain blue.
A lot of thing is under there. Fish and weird animals, (it is the beginning of all living on earth either)
4 = rock/stone
Come back to texture again, seem bigger by the distance, but so different. no one, no animal.

So there are really 4 different things, just separate by the thin line, that we cannot see. that’s amazing of nature through the eyes.

Is this the good answer?
: )

I wrote that, well let me post in my blog ^ ^
Should be useful of sby who read it.


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