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Seth et Holth nah > Tusk, Zi:Kill and Hide

Japanese people always said that Hideto Matsumoto wanted to make the phase of Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
(ジキルとハイド), so she got it. “Zi:Kill and Hide”. I cannot imagine how happy Hide was to be with this happy band. The girls from whole world would be so jealous her.

**NOTE : artwork in this page is before Decamber 21, 2009. If I draw more of this people, I may not remember to update this post, so you may need to check on my Fickr account or Deviantart account

So now, move on…

Tuskty and Pink Cobra

One of the most important project that I made is “Tuskty and Pink Cobra”, the children book for charity. Feature Tusk and Ken from Zi:Kill, and Hideto Matsumoto as the Pink Cobra. She is Pink-head king cobra, so I call he like this. If you need to Donate, please read Donate Page. I am sorry that I have only fixed prize for it.

Read the Book description
View Whole Book of Tuskty and Pink Cobra on Blog page
View Whole Book of Tuskty and Pink Cobra on Flickr Set

Seth et Holth is the movie created by Hideto Matsumoto and Tusk Zi:Kill. The movie confused many fans, and Zi:Kill had been rare thing or lost-world band for my country, Thailand. So.. I wrote its description in Thai language. CLICK HERE TO READ

Seth and Horus

I also made to caricature for both Hide and Tusk; “Seth et Holth” was from “Seth and Horus”. The famous Egyptian myth. Although the original story, they fought each other, and they were uncle and nephew, Hide and Tusk performed in this movie as the lovers.

So now, see my Caricature drawing.

Seth and Horus as Egyptian Drawing

I really visited Egypt about 2-3 years ago.
If you want to see my photography, just enter my Flickr Set CLICK HERE

Egypt is so HOT actually. I have to hold the umbrella to prevent the sun.

Both od Seth and Horus drawings are influenced by the real ancient Egypt drawing/painting. The first one above, I saw the layout in the papyrus drawing, and the one below, I saw the layout from the collection box of Pharaoh in The Egyptian Museum. The museum does not let the visitor take the photography, so I did not have photo in the museum in my Flickr account. But!! there are a lot of people steal taking photo. you know..

Gift for Hide
This is Udjat, the eye that Ra (Sun God) gave to Horus. Hide will love it, although infact, it should be gift for Tusk. I finish this Udjat in 3Ds Max

Symbolic Painting on Canvas
For Hide and Tusk and for their love.

งง is Thai language which means ‘confuse’
my point is not ‘confuse’
This is Tusk Zi:Kill and Hideto Matsumoto
Signs of colors will tell you who is who.
What is the inside.
Signs of lines will tell you all relationship
There are 3 people.
Supporting, non-supporting, self-advantage and others
Sign of textures and colors will tell you what in their brains.

You can read it easily from these hints.
Acrylic on canvas
45×60 cm

Short Story of Ice-Cream

216 Ways to Kill Cat(s)
This is one of the most project of Sw Eden. I do not know if it is already famous, because Myspace does not show where the click come from. I hope it is famous!! 😀
This project feature a lot of my favorite people, such as Twisted Method, Hide, Baroque band, Zi:Kill guys, Chris Fehn and more more more.

Right now, see Hide and Tusk kill cat together.

This drawing is for Halloween day

One of my most favorite drawing of myself. It is really first design of cartoon Tusk Zi:Kill

And continue when Tusk got Dead End (I didnt talk about the J-Rock band, Dead End)

Merry X Mas Z-Mas to say good bye 2009!! and sa Happy New Year for 2010!!!

Merry X Mas Z-Mas to say good bye 2009!! and sa Happy New Year for 2010!!!

Cubist Painting
This Sw Eden’s work is the most favorite of many friends and many fans. I can call it many names, “Transparent People” or “The Reality of the World”

This cubism painting was painted with Acrylic colors.

Other and Other
“Zi:Kill and Hide” should be better than just “Tusk and Hide”. This is one of my most favorite drawing, too. I love all expression of everybody. They are the happiest band in the world!! Every time when people interviewed them, they will laugh and smile. They are so friendly, and much friendlier than Hide. I am sure that Hide was so happy with them.

Zi:Kill and Hide Karaoke カラオケ の ジキル と 秀人松本

I also wrote the poem for Zi:Kill and Hide, too.
I confirm that this poem will make you happy!!
The links I gave, one is in Thai and one is in English (Translate from original)

My latest mood to Hideto Matsumoto seems to be very sexy stuff.
Louis Chan, my friend, says that this is porn!! But I say, It is Artwork!!
So, you just consider it by yourself.

Hideto Matsumoto and Tusk Itaya 秀人松本 vs. 板谷祐


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Charity Project Tuskty and Pink Cobra

Book online in my Flickr account.
Or You can See it on WordPress Here

This book got published 2,525 copies.
The money were from kind people who donate for the poor children.
The cost that they play was only for the publisher, not for the author.

At first, we talked to the publisher, if we needed to published 2,000 copies. At that number, the price was 12 baths per a copy. (It is about $0.25-0.30) The following agreement is 2,500 copies with the price 10 bath per a copy. (It is $0.20-0.25) The publisher was also kind for us, too. They gave us extra 25 books.

How the books go?!
– They already went to 10 schools in Nakorn Prathom.
– One of kind people give them to the Foundation for Handicapped Children.
– They went to some schools of government, that the children did not have to pay for the semester. (The government also helps the poor.)
– They went to the temples in Nonthaburi which had the school for poor children.
– We also let Mahidol Wittayanusorn school brought them to the poor school on the mountain.
– etc.

In the last week of the summer vacation, I enjoy looking at the smile of the children. I was happy.

This price seems very cheap for the American or European. You may need to donate, but I just do not know how to tranfer the money oversea. Additional, in the first page inside the book, it says, “For Charity only, and Not for Sale”

These are the list of people who donate for these 2,500 copies.
Piboon Pumpiched
Natsaran Pumpiched
Intouch Pumpiched
Usanawadee Huwantana
Suwichan Jareanponpod
Nateecha Wattanasiritam
Tawatchai Wongtanasalasin
Pichanan Sarakun
Ladda Sornvilai
Maleerat Littisorn and family
Warintorn Siriprapapon
Warissa Liki****tanases
Pakvimon Kanjananampa
Montakan Torai
Janpen Sangtrakankit
Ponchada Sittichaichana
Wanpen Sansern
Nattapon Butkong
Pachcharin Satam
Suttinan Tongkum
Sairung Unaiwong
Juthamas Mungkale
Montira Deesuksai
Niramon Arunransewed
Ratajit Arunrangsiwed

The spelling may be not correct. the correct spelling is on the link below. (And on the back cover of every copies.)

Sample photos of the copies.

Story : Ratajit, Sw Eden
Drawing : Sw Eden
Translate : Ratajit, Sw Eden, Ladda
Book Arrangment : V Interprint

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Tuskty and Pink Cobra Book Online

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
My family and I always look for people who will donated for us. All money is for only printing price, because I draw this for free. Some friends and my family also have a free delivery to the target places, such as poor children in the frontier police schools (โรงเรียนตำรวจตระเวนชายแดน), handicap children, special children and poor children in the school of temple. Mostly we donate to the library about 5-10 books depend on how big of the school.

If you would like to support the next books, please contact us at j9i9t@hotmail.com or sw_eden@myspace.com . We will waiting for you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Tuskty and Pink Cobra Book : Project for Charity


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