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Hide kissed Ran (Twinzer)

This is an old issue, that me and my friends did talk about 2 years ago in an X-Japan webboard. Someone said that this is xoxoxo sexy. Hide is actually sexy.

Clip from 50% 50% show of Hideto Matsumoto in her early-age solo work, may called Psychommunity

Most of people in webboard were curious that who Hide’s partner on the stage was. He is Toshiya Matsukawa or Ran. I had seen his second hand CD, but I didnt take it.
Read more of his detail here http://www.metal-archives.com/band.php?id=121796

In fact, there is another page, which describe about this person so well. The admin is a Deviantart user. You can search for it. Sw Eden will not do research about this person. If you will him, you can do it. Right now, you know all keywords.

Twinzer video, I found on Youtube/Google


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