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After I met Alexander Shundi

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Alexander Shundi
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After I met Alexander Shundi, he changed my life forever.
He let me know who the surrealists were. I learned many things from him, and he inspired me to learned more by myself.
I found that I might be stupid in some parts of my life before I met him.

1. I just put the name of Hideto Matsumoto replace Chris Fehn in my heroes list.
That was because of him. I took off Friendly Fehn project from my life.
The thing that I was stupid is I had known Hide 10 years ago, but I just know who he was for the surreal world.

2. I want to change my photos set in my gallery here. (right now, it is Waylon Reavis.)
I was very stupid. Many people are less in concept or rare in creative concept about wearing masks or doing music.

3. Removed by Author 13/7/09

4. Removed by Author 13/7/09

5. He let me watch a movie, “Un chien andalou.”
After I watched it and wrote some review. Many people thought that it was a dream as in youtube tailer.
In my opinion, it was full of symbols to explained the feeling through the objects or actual actions.

6. I met a friend from youtube who let me see the Music video, “I love cat” of Zi%Kill.
This is more about dream than “Un chien andalo” which was more about symbols.
Dream is the story without good connection between each scene. That is surreal.

7. All art has to have its own inspiration.
Art is made by artist who want to make it. Before I met Alexander Shundi, I was not serious if people asked me to draw them.
Right now, I am very serious. They do not know anything about artwork. If they want it, they should do it by themselves.

8. The expression of color image and black n’ white image.
He told me about the reason of black and white image if that era already had color for painting or photograph.
For regular photograph or drawing, if people use black and white color, that is revolution, and they should not do it because current world is colorful.
The only reason to make black and white is they do not want to audiences to concentrate about the color, but want the audience to concentrate about the content of art or photo.

9. Some people treated Hide wrongly.
Hide loves colorful stuff, and that was how he expressed himself.
He danced real fast with the vividness.
People kept turning the color picture to be black and white and stressed his video to be very slow motion.
I made many colorful drawings.
If I die, and people make them to be black and white.
Or, I wrote tight fictions and poems, and when I die, people stressed them to be long fiction or poem.
I swear my soul will commit suicide again and again.

10. The mystery of number 33.
I do not want to say that my 5 heroes died at this age.
He gave me a magic square of 33. It hit all my brain at thet day. I reviewed it many times and many ways.
It is really cool thing of Gaudi.


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