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Thai government does not pay for the Electric Bill anymore

Thai Government,
They are half-right, so I do not blame them for this whole decision. For a year that many houses did not have to pay for the electricity. Government had thought about poor people, so they paid to the house that spent electricity less than 50 units. Right now, government looks at the result of their project. Most of people who stay alone in their apartment had used electricity about 20 units, but when they knew that less than 50 units were free, they tried to waste more electricity to be about 45 units.

Waylon Reavis drawing by Sw Eden. Although cellphone need the electricity, but it is more save than going to the place by car to talk or to pay the bill.

In my opinion, the government should just reduce the free rate, and not give up giving free electric bill. Sw Eden would like to see if people who use the electricity less then 25 units, do not have to pay anything. This will work so well, because a lot of families who use more than 25 units will change their habit, too.

It is not only Thai people who like to waste the free things. Sw Eden lives in New York City for 5 years, and most people in my apartment are the same or worse. They love to turn on the faucet in the kitchen and walk to get their stuff from their rooms which are so far from the kitchen. Although Sw Eden wants to change other people’s habit to save the energy of the world, Sw Eden cannot only just change the habit of some people in my family. One of them stay in a room at the cold side of the house. Sw Eden stays in the hottest side at the west (fact to the sun at noon, so my room will be very hot at night, too – the brick keep the heat so well). Whenever Sw Eden turns on the air-condition, she will turn on her air-condition, too, although her room is cold and air is fresh. Another member in my family does not have to pay for electric bill and water bill, because our house is not his house. He likes to turn all light on around the hourse, and waste a lot of water. He can turn on the faucet at the highest point for 3 hours non-stop. This guy is crazy, so no one tries to blame him.



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ป้องกัน และ บรรเทา รักษา โรคไต

1. เมื่อท่านมีอาการปวดหลังต่ำ ๆ ให้รีบไปตรวจว่าเป็น เพราะ กล้ามเนื้อ, เนื้องอก หรือ โรคไต
2. หากพบว่าตัวเองเป็นเนื้องอก และรักษาทั้งโดย พริก กับ ขิง (สมุนไพร) หรือ ยาคุมของแพทย์ แล้วไม่หาย ให้รีบเอาออกก่อนที่เนื้องอกจะไปเบียดไต

สาเหตุการเกิดโรคไต คือ มีน้ำตาล หรือ เกลือ หรือ ไขมัน ในเลือดมากเกินไป ทำให้ไตทำงานหนัก หรือ ทำงานกรองเลือดอย่างปกติไม่ได้

หากต้องการกินอาหารรสจัด ทั้งเค็ม ทั้งหวาน ให้ดื่มน้ำมาก ๆ เพื่อไปเจือจาง .. ซึ่งตามปกติแล้วมนุษย์ต้องการน้ำ 2 ลิตรต่อวัน คือ 2 ลิตร ถ้าคนผู้นั้นรับประทานเกลือ หรือน้ำตาล หรือไขมัน ไม่เกินโภชนาการอาหารที่มนุษย์ต้องการต่อวัน และ ต่อวัย .. ซึ่งคนส่วนใหญ่จะรับประทานทั้งสามอย่างเกิน โดยเฉพาะอาหารตามร้านค้า

ถ้าคุณทราบว่าคุณรับประทานเค็มมาก คุณอาจต้องการน้ำถึง 4 ลิตรต่อวัน . นอกจากนี้ยังมีอาหารจำพวกแป้ง ซึ่งสามารถขยายตัวจากการดูดน้ำได้หลายสิบเท่า โดยบางชนิดขยายได้ถึง 60 เท่า ทั้งนี้การดูดน้ำของแป้งทำให้ผู้รับประทานสูญเสียน้ำที่ร่างกายต้องใช้ ดังนั้น ในกรณีนี้ คนผู้นั้นมีความจำเป็นต้องดื่มน้ำมากกว่า 2 ลิตรเช่นกัน

การดื่มน้ำมากทำให้ไตทำงานสะดวก ลดปัญหาไตทำงานหนัก และชะลอโรคไต นอกจากนี้ผู้ที่เป็นโรคไต สามารถดื่ม “เก็กฮวย” เพื่อให้ไตทำงานได้ดีขึ้น แต่ตามร้านค้ามักใส่น้ำตาลมากเกินไป ซึ่งเป็นอันตรายกับไต ดังนั้น ทางที่ดีที่สุด ควรต้มเพื่อดื่มเอง

ของทอด Fry Frying, Photo by Sw Eden

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Green Architecture Design

5 years ago, I walk into the field of architecture with my best skill of artist and my proud knowledge from Mahidol Wittayanusorn school of science. I did not expect anything from this field, but I thought that architecture should have been the easiest way to graduate. Not so long time ago, my meaning of “Architecture” was changed. I saw many under-constructional areas around my village. Those places had been farm before, but then, they were just the surface of concrete and concrete housing.

Kanjanaburi, photo by Sw Eden on Flickr

Thailand is considered as a perfect country which its land can grow almost kinds of agricultural plants, and has a vast area of forest. King Bhumibol Adulyadej has kept teaching people to head to develop agriculture instead of industrial. Thailand is already good at agriculture, but Thai people just need to make it better and greater. Only less number of capitalists can hear what the King says. They have changed green lands to be nongreen buildings to make a lot of money. My family has been one of foolish people who stepped into their traps. 1997, when I was 10 years old, my family moved to their housing, which built on top of a lotus farm. Many city people love to move out from the crowd areas into suburban housing. They escape from traffic-jam streets and high-pollution air. Most of them have to have their own cars to use in rush hour to go to work in the city. They waste the gas/benzine and also waste the material to make the cars.

Moving Car, photo by Sw Eden on Flickr

The happy life with fresh air could not stay with the city people in suburban so long. When the capitalists invested in malls or supermarkets around those housings, the peaceful areas became the expanded city. The air and noise pollution came into the place. The time to move has come again then. The green areas have been destroyed very fast around many cities in Thailand, such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Songkla. Most capitalists do not do a green design, because they just want to pay less. They put a beautiful picture of house with a big grass field on the advertising board. We call those boards, “Air Junk”, because they hide all scenery and wind. People pay for those advertising housing projects before seeing the real houses. Most of real-estate projects in Thailand, people need to pay for every step to build a house, not pay for a finished house. The results that they get are small green areas, because most of green areas are cut to be the main circulation of the project, and that is made by concrete.

The expansion of the city may be a good economic sign in the business term or for the government, but in fact, it is a sign of disaster for environment and for an agriculture country as Thailand. The houses, buildings and factory keep releasing heat and toxic into the natural resources. They do not only hurt the nature by themselves, but they are also harmful for the agriculture areas around. Thai Government announced that rain of all province was not drinkable, because it contained very toxic substance. Although the toxic makers are in the city, the toxic can spread around many places, covering the tropical jungle area in Nakornsritummarach, the north east of Thailand.

Sprash Water, Thai Kid, photo by Sw Eden on Flickr

Cathleen McGuigan wrote on NewWeek.com under a topic of “The Bad News About Green Architecture” about the unpleasantness in the design of green building. She described that the green buildings work so good by themselves, but people still have to drive to work. In my opinion, moral is more important than an object. One Bryant Park has a system of recapturing rainwater which is good, but many people who do not pay for the water bill will never think about saving the water. For example, many women always turn on the tap when they are doing their hair in public restrooms, and many men liked to do that when they are shaving. I have visited a company that my parent worked with, and I saw the janitor turn on all taps in the restroom at the same time to clean an individual sink. Moreover, he spilled some detergent on the restroom floor, and he used whole roll of paper towel to absorb it, then he threw that roll away. Paper is made by the trees. If only people waste and kind of material, that is the way they waste the energy, because all manufacture processes have to use the energy. This mean many people cannot change their attitude, if the results do not impact them directly. If we can change their habits, the world will be able to save the energy by this method more than the green design many times.

Want to pee again, photo by Sw Eden on Flickr

Not only the gray water system that One Bryant Park has, it also has air-condition ventilator on the floor. Most of buildings in the world have air-condition on the ceiling, which is far from human living space. What One Bryant Park does should be so good during the winter, because people love to feel hotter at their feet and feel colder at their heads.

Green design is enjoyable as people love to hang out in the park. People like the sun rather than a electric bulb. I always cheer the green design, but we have to accept that there is no building in the world can be 100% green. Although the big window can save the electricity used in bulb, the building also lose its heat in the winder through the window about 30 times bigger than the wall. If the office loves to use air-condition so much, the big window can also heat the interior up as the system of greenhouse effect. The better way to save the energy during the summer is using fans and open windows instead of air-condition, but it is still the problem for the offices in the high pollution areas.

Narita Airport Facade, photo by Sw Eden on Flickr

One of the towers of K Bank (Kasikorn) in Thailand uses a special kind of glass for their facade. Its glass does not create greenhouse effect as other towers do. The color of its glasses seems white and can reflect the light very well. It is not dark color that will absorb the heat into the glass itself. Considering about the north pole, Greenland and the south pole, they are not only the cold place to keep the world cold, but they are also big white areas to reflect the heat out from the world. I tried to say that the colors of facade and rooftop are very important, too.

I went to Japan accidentally when the flight to USA was delayed. Narita Airport sent Thai people into its hotel for one night. It was winter at that time. We could not make a far trip, because we did not have Japanese visas. I walked to see its swimming pool. It was surprising me that it was covered by half-sphere glasses, and the water was one of the glass’ layers. The temperature was quite fine. The water can act better than the gas or air space actually. If you are a Bible reader and you can remember the Great Flood (Noah’s Ark), the water was from the sky and that means the planet earth had been surrounded by the water. The water can prevent many kinds of rays from the universe and the sun, and it acts very well in this Japanese swimming pool. The Bible also shows that after the Great Flood, humans’ ages were reduces from 800 to be less than 100 years old. Humans’ genes began to have mistake, because the water-atmosphere was destroyed. Brother and sister could not marry anymore after that time.

Koh Chang Tropicana Thai Spa, photo by Sw Eden on Flickr

For the case of using gray water in flush toilets, I cannot say that the toxic rain may destroy the toilet, and the owners may need to pay more to repair whole things. I had talked with a ship owner when I went to at the south ocean of Thailand. I asked him for the reason that he still used tab water for flush toilets in the ship, because he could get salt water from the sea very easily. He told me that salt water had destroyed his flush toilets before. I cannot fully believe in his words, when I think about how much pH in human’s urine comparing with pH in salt water. The rainwater should not have less pH than human’s urine, too. That’s mean using gray water may be good enough to be considered as a part of green design.

The Gherkin Building in London should be praised, especially its system of natural air ventilation which is created by the tower’s aerodynamic form and ‘double skin’ facade (Hannah Bullock, http://www.forumforthefuture.org.uk, 2003). Moreover it support the biking people by its bicycle service.

Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, photo by Sw Eden on Flickr

For car industry, many new electricity cars were produced, because people believe that using the electric city is better for environment rather that using benzene. If they consider about electricity producing process, both types of cars are not much different. Most electricity is from coal factory outside the city. To use electricity cars is only move the pollution in the city to outside the city. All still heat up the world.

To get a clear energy may cost higher at the first installing, but it works very well in long term and it is also good to the world, too. The words that pop-up in your head should be solar, wind and water from dam. We can also think about other cheaper things to install, such as roof pond and water coil on the roof to make hot water for hot country.

Concrete Dam Water Container, photo by Sw Eden on Flickr

Dams are something truly green, although they do not look green. A dam does not only produce a lot of electricity, but it can be the biggest green project in the world. Although the government have to destroy a lot of forest area to make a dam and the concrete surface can heat up the temperature around, the dam can keep the water to serve people all year long. When people have water to use, especially for agriculture, they will create the evergreen lands around the rivers, because the rivers have never dried. The places that had been desert during the summer time, the dams can make it to be evergreen territory for whole year. I visited many dams in Thailand during my vacations. The weather was quite hot, especially on the highest part of the dams. People cannot stand without umbrellas in the sunny day. I looked into the town side, and I was very impressed. All territory was green with banana and rice farms. That dam is, “Kun-Dan” Dam (เขื่อนขุนด่าน) in Nakorn Nayok.

เขื่อนขุนด่าน Kun-Dan Dam, photo by Sw Eden on Flickr

I was in a seminar of Dr. Smith Dharmasaroja with other Silpakorn University professors and students in 2008. Dr. Smith explained about the disaster from the dam in the north part of the world. He said that that the current planet earth was just like a feeble spinning top with 23 degree leaning, and if people kept making dams above the equator, the earth would be end faster. Most of the lands on the earth are above the equator, so most of the dams will be above equator, too. This may be real, but I cannot fully believe it, because I cannot know if the south part of the world is exact the below part of the spinning top. The words, “North Pole” and “South Pole” are only what humans used to call for representation. (The first map was made by European, so they would love to show themselves on the North.) If we do not consider about what Dr. Smith said, the dam is still not so useful in many ways as I mentioned before.

Snow At prospect park, photo by Sw Eden on Flickr

I also have another reason to support that the south pole can be the top part of the world, if the world acts like a spinning top. Generally, we know that a biggest ozone hole is at the south pole, and the air of south pole is the lowest moisture air in the world (like the desert air). That mean the south pole does not have much of substance in atmosphere. If we notice the hurricane which acts in the same way, we will see the cloudless space at the eye of hurricane, which is the top part of it. That is the reason that I guess that the south pole is the real top side of the world. You can simply test this method at home. You just have a bowl of water with some sand or dust in it, and then you stir the water around; you will see the dust crowd at the bottom, and the water is hollow at the top when you are stirring.

NASA already found the water on the moon. It also loves to research the Mar. That means humans are looking for new places to live. Why don’t they want to make the world better rather than being hopeless to keep the world green. We cannot stop people who cut the trees down. We cannot stop people who burn the forest. We cannot stop people who keep punching the holes at the north pole for their ice testings (the ice melts faster if the bigger surface touch the water). We cannot stop people who consume everything wastefully. The results are bigger and stronger hurricanes and toxic. Finally, their acts just kill other innocent people who may have never hurt the world.

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Water on the Moon

Google.com pop up its logo as “Water on the Moon” that NASA discovered.

Sw Eden on Flickr
“wAteR on The moon” (.A..R..T)

When I was in High School of MWIT (Mahidol Wittayanusorn Science School), my professor who was the expert in Astronomy showed us the video that made against NASA, that NASA had never gone to the moon. The video talked about NASA took the video in some secret place in the United State’s desert. Although my professor let us know what the world thought about the NASA, he still said that he believed that NASA had really gone to the moon.

You can see that people are looking for a new place to live, rather than make their original place better. They really plan to live on the Moon or Mar, because the world is now going bad. People keep destroying the natural environment without consideration. We are actually hopeless. Million people are fans of Michael Jackson, and they sing “Heal the World”. How many percents of those people really really heal the world? People consume too much natural resources, and release a lot of toxic. If you are one of those people, you are killing your friends then!

**this is the link, I found on first page of Google search engine.


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