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Worst Experience in Buddhism Camp, Thailand

S. W. Eden

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Worst Experience in Buddhism Camp

About 5 years ago, I went to a camp with mother. The camp was run by an organization and they invited a Buddhism monk to teach 3 days in the camp.

I brought my iPad, a very old iPad, to the camp to take the note of the teaching. I have been a very good student in lecturing in any level of school. At that time, I had a positive attitude with Buddhism. I took a note since the first class that monk gave. I can type things in iPad very fast, but a little slower than when I take a note by handwriting.

Worst Experience in Buddhism Camp how to enlightening suck

That monk was very impolite. He raised a bad example which was me. He said that people using the technology did not pay attention to the one in front of them. Moreover, during that 3 days, I wanted to go home earlier because of that monk. I have a small argument with my mother, because of that stuff. That monk saw it. Then, again, he raised a bad example that only bad child had an argument with the parents.

Having an argument to people living together is very normal. Using iPad, laptop, or tablet to take a note is very normal, too. I really really do not like that monk’s behavior.

While the mentioned monk is the anti-technology, there are too many new monks using too much technology. Many Thai Buddhist monks, today, are social network addicts. There are only a few monk I know can use technology properly. These few monks use Audacity and Audition to record and cut their own teaching, put the files into CD and have their own Youtube channel. Some create the website for their own temple, and answer the question of the website visitors who ask them online about Buddhist principles.


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Illegal MP3 Free Download

“If you love the bands, don’t do this to them.”, it is me, Sw Eden

As my experience through many websites, and also my own website, to share mp3 and music video is the most simply way to get a lot of views and comments. Sw started Sw first .html website when I was grade 9. I was interested in astronomy and Myanmar history, so I do the websites about them. I changed myself to gain more audiences when I moved to MWIT high school. Sw translated all those famous metal and hardcore bands’ biography. It was not so popular though, because many websites also have it.

Move to Sw new age after Sw went to New York City, I started to play the web-board. There are some reasons that I cannot explain with the exact words, why bad people want to be the administrators of the famous forums. If they can gain a big number of people, they will push them into the rule, and so strict. I am not that kind of admin. That is why I went to do the webboard which all people have freedom to post whatever they want by respect the law of the country. I started my first forum under the name of Marilyn Manson Thai Webboard, and it still exists. In the early age of that webboard, I did let people download some rare tracks. My heart did not let me do that so long. I removed all illegal download out of my forum, with the reason that I am the artist. In fact, Sw have been a good artist since I was in the kindergarten, but I just have felt how worth of the artwork when I grew enough. After that, I have never let any audiences download the illegal or copyright music anymore.

Many fans of the bands still let their blog’s audiences download mp3 of their favorite artists. The main reason is to get more views. The visitors do not really like to give their comment for the useful information, but they will say, “Thank you” to the Mp3 sharing guys. I found a lot of those blogs on Blogspot, and right now, Google trys to delete those blogs as we can see in Google help forum, many blog owners claim that they lost their blogs. This is a reason that you cannot hate Google

If you want to save your favorite bands from the users who share the Mp3, you can report the site via Google Report. You have to log-in your Google/Gmail account first. Remember, all illegal posts are spam, too.

As I have said that the Mp3 sharer can get a lot of views and comments from the download link. It is a shame that they cannot create their own copyright article to gain the views and comments from people. They kill their favorite bands to get the higher number of comments to fill their own satisfaction.

Some fans believe that they show their love to their favorite bands by sharing the songs. They also say in the website, like, “If you like the songs we share, you need to buy the albums”. it is 99% impossible that the downloaders will buy the albums after they have all songs already. Another 1% is you who are so nice to your favorite bands. Sw do have the collections of what I listen to. Sw wants to thank all you guys who do this, too. You are the best fans of all your best bands.

By the movement of Thai musicians, they come up with many shows to earn more money from the fans. This is because they lost a lot of income every year by the illegal Mp3 sharing site. Any kinds of artists sell their ideas. They are human and they need food. The audiences should not just copy their ideas in every way. This is about moral, because idea is not involved in the copyrights law.

The way to show your love to your favorite artists is that you do not let any people download their songs. You can do via websites that people can only listen to their songs. If you really want people to listen to their songs on your website, you may cut out 30 seconds of each songs to show them. This is for education only, as well as you can see on Wikipedia.

Although someone know how to download track from Youtube, Youtube still keeps a lot of fan videos to make the musicians proud. For example, Avenged Sevenfold are always very happy when the fans make their fan video and use their songs. They also glad when a new fan page was created. On the other hand, a band from Indonesia always reports the Myspace to delete all their fan-pages.

I did play a Thai unofficial forum of a famous Japanese-Rock band. I love typing as well as you can see on my website. The admins of that forum hate me by this reason. For them, I typed too much. The admins want to have the highest posts on their own forum. They also have some illicit rule, too. A friend told me that those admins did not want other kids to mimic me by posting a lot of comments very fast. Their rule is the users have to have more than 50 posts to get into the private forum. Their private forum contains all mp3 of that famous J-rock band and all solo projects of each member.

Chris Fehn

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For Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej Video

For Thai King Video

This tricky face of Tripp Tribbett drawing by me appears as the icon of this video on Youtube. I guess people click to watch it until the views reach near 10,000 already. Most of people do not like to watch on the good side of their favorite thing. For example, Avenged Sevenfold fans will search for “Avenged Sevenfold Suck”. Some Thai Youtube users had asked me to view the bad videos about our King, and then flag them as spam, but I didn’t do any. If I just click on bad video, that means I got in the trap of those evil people. The best way to express that we do love the King is to make a good video for Him.

There are many Thai Youtube users got into the trap of Evils. When they hate some users that rail Thai royal family, they will rail those back with rude words. And it is very ugly on Youtube page that Thai people rail each other with those words. The world always guesses that Thai people who know English should be high-class people; but right now these educated people use the words of low-class. It lets all the foreigners who read those comments look down Thai people. Like, “oh! this is already high-class, and they are bastard; so what about the lower class?, and what about whole country?

The best way to solve the problem of the Evil on Youtube is we just shut up and make more good videos for our King. Please remind yourselves before you write any bad words. Those bad words cannot stop the Evil, but they make the Evil happier, because the Evil knows that it makes you nervous. What I did say is what you can learn from Buddhism, so it is not the new thing. We all know, and we can do.

Download high quality rendering of this video at my Flickr account. (click on the text)


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Gif : cut from Zi:Kill Calling PV

This PV of Zi:Kill is something people are looking for.
You can get it from my Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5_E8oaqwQM
This one is higher quality than the one in Youtube search engine.
I hid the word, “Zi:Kill” with Zi:Kill in Thai language, “สิ:คิว”
It should be about 30-40 MB.

If you do not know how to get it, you just Google. I cannot say it here, it is illegal.

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